How Pinterest works

Pinterest is filled with inspiring, actionable ideas

People use Pinterest to discover and save ideas. Ideas can take lots of forms, from recipes to renovation projects to the perfect pair of shoes. Every idea is represented by a “Pin” that includes an image, a description and a link back to the image’s source online. When people click a Pin’s URL they can find out more about the idea and act on it.   

Pins come from all over the web

Both Pinners and businesses bring content to Pinterest. People can add anything they like from any website using our browser extensions and the Save button. Once someone adds a Pin, other people will start to see that Pin in their home feed and search results. Businesses also create their own Pins to highlight products, build brand awareness and increase sales.

Boards help people organise their Pins

Every Pin lives on a “board” that clusters related ideas. Someone might sort their boards by need or interest. Businesses often sort their boards by product category, interest or seasonal topic.

...and then what?

People use Pinterest in a few different ways: they search for things they’re interested in, browse their home feeds for new ideas and look at other people’s boards to see what catches their eye. When they like what they see, they either save the Pin to their own boards or click on the Pin’s URL to learn more, shop or buy.