The Pin cycle

Pins can be almost anything—a gift, a recipe or even a quote. They’re like little bookmarks people add to Pinterest that always point back to the sites they came from (like yours). If you add the Pin It button to your site, people can use it to add your stuff to Pinterest.


Beautiful boards

Boards are where people collect and organise their Pins. Each board tells a unique, hand-crafted story about what that person cares about. People can follow boards that contain Pins they like—like yours!

Simple discovery

Pinterest helps people discover things in a simple, visual way. Pinners might find something they love while they’re browsing your boards, scrolling through a category you’re listed in or searching for you directly.

Connecting interests

Pinterest connects people through shared interests—their passions, hobbies, tastes and values. You can inspire them by using Pinterest in a personal, authentic way.