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Create Pins to share your ideas, give tutorials or sell your products. Every Pin includes an image or video, plus a link to your site or shop.

A pin layered on top of cartoon-like boxes and Pinterest buttons, with a button reading ‘Publish’ on the right. In the middle, there is an image of a white shelf with several plants sitting on top of it. A light green picture frame sits in the background.

Pin formats

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Making Pins: Tricks and Tips

Phone screen showing furniture catalogue offerings

Create Pins in no time with our flexible tools. You can start from scratch, or repurpose existing assets.

Upload images or videos

Create and edit Pins right from our app or desktop site. You can make one Pin at a time, or upload assets in bulk.

Publish from your site

Link your site’s RSS feed and we’ll automatically create Pins for new images in the feed.

Mobile view of a home feed featuring a variety of Pins such as posed brown hands showing off nail art, a Black man in a face mask, a meal on a plate and outdoor décor.

How content gets discovered

People browse their feeds for new ideas.

Keyword and visual searches bring people closer to decisions.

When people take a closer look at Pins that they like, we display similar Pins nearby.

Shopping features and product Pins help people to discover new products, and then easily check out.

Work with experts

Find a third-party partner to create Pins, manage your content strategy or build a stronger presence on Pinterest.

An animation of sample Pinterest Partner logos

A winning Pin strategy

  • Create regularly

    Create new, original Pins at least once a week, for a steady stream of content.

  • Schedule your Pins

    Put your Pin uploads on autopilot using our scheduling tool.

  • Add a URL

    Make every Pin actionable by adding a URL that drives traffic back to your site.

  • Organise Pins into well-named boards

    Give boards clear and descriptive titles, such as ‘Easy no-bake dinners’ to help with search.

Create Pins that get noticed