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Pinterest works for all kinds of businesses, from content creators to omnichannel retailers. It’s free to sign up, and easy to get started.

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61%Pinners in the UK have gone on to make a purchase as a result of seeing branded content1
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You’ll get more out of Pinterest using a business account. Get access to special Pin formats, analytics and more.

Make Pins to tell the world what you’re about. Pick from formats like photos and videos.

We’ll show your Pins to the people that we think are most likely to love them. People can comment, react or even add photos of Pins that they’ve tried.

Turn organic Pins into ads so that they’re seen by more people. Combining organic and paid content is the best way to succeed on Pinterest.2

Pin formats

Pick the perfect format

Build engagement from your website

Claim your website

Claiming your site ensures that your brand name appears on every Pin that people create from your site.

Add Pinterest widgets

The follow widget helps your site visitors to follow you on Pinterest – without ever leaving your site. We also offer widgets that let people save Pins or boards directly from your site.

Enable Rich Pins

Rich Pins automatically sync information from your site to your Pins. They help you to add more info directly to the Pin so that people learn more about your products or ideas.

Analytics and measurement

Put our insights to work

Understand your audience

Audience Insights show who you’re reaching and what they care about.

Get the metrics that matter

Get an instant read on individual Pin performance, or deep dive into rich analytics that show your engagement metrics.

Promote your best Pins

Once you know which Pins are doing well, promote them and reach more people.

Sample Pins

Inspiration for your next Pin

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