Pernod Ricard’s video ads used demographic and keyword targeting combined with affinity segments to reach relevant users, increase brand awareness and grow sales of Ricard, their flagship pastis. Their full-funnel campaign was so compelling that they were even able to increase purchase intent among cold leads—that is, users who “never” buy anise-based products—by 58%.1 Cheers to that!

French alcohol group Pernod Ricard’s mission is to be a creator of conviviality, focusing on authentic, sincere and responsible sharing. Created in 1932, Ricard is their flagship pastis product.

As they prepared the Ricard brand’s summer 2021 marketing strategy, they realised Pinterest’s user base fit well with their target group of affluent users interested in summer cocktails, and were impressed by Pinterest’s strong performance in video content. They were keen to see how the platform could help improve results throughout the purchase funnel, while staying cautious about delivering content only to the legally aged target audience.


target coverage1


message association with tagline1


growth in purchase intent among cold leads1


incremental net new customers1

A fresh full-funnel approach
The brand was familiar with Pinterest’s creative best practices, and they were able to develop a best-in-class full funnel media campaign that was set up for success.

Pernod Ricard had one main goal for the campaign: to prove that Pinterest was relevant at every stage of the funnel. They did this by agreeing upon a learning agenda with Pinterest, which consisted of three studies. The first, a viewability study (with MOAT), proved that Pinterest had effective reach, and that content on the platform is viewed by as many people as possible. The second, a Brand Lift study, proved that Pinterest impacted brand KPIs, including awareness and recall. The third, an Offline Conversion Lift study (with Liveramp), showed that Pinterest had a positive effect on sales and in-store conversions. Bottom line: Pernod Ricard were able to concretely show that Pinterest was providing value at each stage of the funnel, from awareness to consideration, to sales in-store!

“With this campaign we wanted to demonstrate how Pinterest could help the Ricard brand to maximise our visibility to our strategic target on a strong business period. It delivered on every level, from growing reach and brand recall, to increasing in-store sales. It means for us a great success: this combo of assets and the Pinterest platform helps to achieve our objectives.”

Emilie Fourey, Digital Project Manager, Pernod Ricard

Healthy measures of new customers
The campaign’s striking video content and careful targeting delivered great results at every level of the purchasing funnel. Ads reached 85% of their target audience, which significantly improved brand awareness. Consideration was also boosted by the campaign, with a 13% increase in the number of users associating the “Born à Marseille” tagline with the brand1 as well as an impressive 58% growth in purchase intent among users aged 18 to 34 who say they “never” buy anise-based products. And it doesn’t end there. The campaign also led to a 5% growth in incremental net new customers and 6% in incremental sales after eight weeks.1

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Capitalise on Pinterest’s strong performance in video content to increase your reach.

Target interests and industry-specific keywords to reach your audience.

Use a full-funnel approach to improve on every level, from awareness through to purchase.