Canal+ wanted to promote its exclusive TV programmes to a receptive affinity audience. In partnership with Socialyse Paris and Pinterest, Canal+ implemented a test-and-learn strategy, supported by automatic bidding. The results of this strategy were impressive, allowing the group to reach an affinity target at extremely competitive costs.

As a leading player in premium channels, Canal+ wanted to implement an innovative content strategy that could help them generate cost-effective, qualified traffic for their original content.

To reach their performance objectives, Canal+ chose to combine Pinterest's automatic bidding with a test-and-learn strategy and, in the process, divided its CPCs (cost-per-click) by a factor of 5.


click-through rate (CTR)1


reduction in cost-per-click (CPC)1


Pin registration rate1

Based on Canal+ and Socialyse’s test-and-learn strategy, automatic bidding enabled the brand to improve the agility of their campaign, while also boosting relevance for their target audience.

Moreover, as the campaign progressed, the brand was able to create reactive content in the most creative way. This gave Canal+ the opportunity to present its content in an increasingly relevant way to a new affinity audience.

"Pinterest enables us to present our content in a relevant way to a new target audience thanks to a diffusion based on keywords and areas of interest."

Nicolas Tourette
Head of Digital Strategy & Amplification, Canal+

The strategy employed by Canal+ was a successful one, enabling the brand to exceed all initial performance targets. Firstly, Canal+ divided its cost per click (CPC) by 5 and multiplied its click-through rate (CTR) by 3. In addition, the average Pin registration rate was multiplied by 5. These exceptional results ensured that Pinterest was ranked among the three most successful social platforms when it came to clickstreams for Canal+.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your shopping ads:

Automatic bidding could be the key to the success of your next campaign, helping to increase your brand’s overall cost efficiency.

Using a test-and-learn approach to advertise your creative assets will enable your brand to improve performance and boost income.

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