Pinterest: where video gets results

People don’t skip or scroll past video on Pinterest. They actually watch it.

Because Pinterest really is different. It’s not only a trusted digital platform—you also get real engagement which leads to real results. Let us tell you why. Below you’ll find our full report and slides you can pinch.

Your video ad can go further on Pinterest

More people see your ads
Our average viewable reach is 82%.1 Pinterest is more likely to provide a more competitive viewable reach than most social media platforms.

They watch more, and longer
We have a 3x better viewability and a 2x better video completion rate than the average social media platform.2 When people watch video content here, they lean in.

Our audience is ready to go from idea to “I did”
People are nearly twice as likely to take shopping-related action after using Pinterest than users on social platforms.3

A viewability benchmark bar chart for Group M. The Y-axis has the viewability percentages and the X-axis has the number of campaigns. For each number of campaigns, there are two bars: mint green representing Pinterest and orange representing other social media platforms. Pinterest surpasses the orange bars in viewability percentages in all number of campaigns, with an average of a 3X higher viewability rate across all numbers of campaigns.

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