Petit Bateau and Artefact put their name to a new performance campaign by generating incremental leads at a relatively low cost on Pinterest.

Petit Bateau, the iconic 120-year-old French children’s brand, wanted to inspire parents of young children with a brand new collection of clothes designed for the festive season, along with superb gift sets.

Pinterest’s positive and highly inspirational environment caught Petit Bateau’s attention, leading them to launch a two-phase campaign, consisting of video and traffic, that aimed to make this festive collection a commercial success.


unique reach in 3 weeks1


increase in intention to buy among the target audience2


campaign recall among the target audience2


cost per incremental prospect2

Pinterest proved to be a wise choice for the brand with very appealing insights in terms of affinity target and purchasing intention. Petit Bateau and their media agency, Artefact, created a performance campaign designed down to the last detail to target parents looking to buy baby and children’s clothes just before the Christmas period.

Their strategy was based on using Pinterest video and static Pins along with a carefully drawn up keyword list, which showcased the most-searched-for interests.

It was a winning strategy that enabled the brand to promote their Christmas collection and gift sets to a target audience and have a major impact on their turnover.

Pinterest enabled us to showcase our content in an extremely positive and forward-thinking space. This helped to not only drive awareness and intention to buy but also reach new customers, just before the end-of-year celebrations!

Elsa Aparicio, International Acquisition Manager, Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau’s lower funnel campaign on Pinterest generated additional prospects with a relatively low cost of €2 per incremental prospect.2 This showed that Pinterest remains an ideal platform for reaching relevant audiences looking for inspiration before the end-of-year celebrations. Thanks to their use of different formats, the brand achieved excellent results in terms of intention to buy and campaign recall with respective increases of 31% and 35%.2 The Pinterest campaign also enabled the brand to achieve a unique reach of 3 million in three weeks.1 As such, the brand gave their festive collection incredible visibility.

Tips for your next campaign

Combining keywords and interests helps you to target your key audience precisely and according to different audience types.

Using different creative formats enables you to design a unique and fun way to interact with your key target.

Crafting visuals with a highly visible logo is vital for providing an excellent user experience on the platform.