The Point: Our new research reveals that people of all ages on Pinterest like to be the first to try new products. And because product launch campaigns on Pinterest drive ad recall and purchase intent, Pinners buy more new products—and sooner—than people on other platforms.

We’ve all heard the generational stereotypes before. Gen Z would much rather chat via emoji than—yawn!—a voice call. Millennials are narcissistic. Gen X are the forgotten “middle child” generation. But people in these age groups are more alike than different, especially on Pinterest. And as we’ve learned in our latest research, Pinners of all ages are also far more likely to try—and buy—new products.

This has major implications for your brand. The stats out there are grim: Brands launch some 30,000+ new products every year—and 95% of those end up failing over time.1

To beat the odds, think seriously about courting people on Pinterest for your new product launches. Our latest research reveals interesting insights about their attitudes towards new products. And it also provides clear signals on how you can best appeal to them.

1 in 2 people on Pinterest want to buy a new product or brand after discovering it on the platform2

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First in line
Over 444 million people all over the world come to Pinterest every month to find ideas and inspire their next purchase.3 What’s driving their need for the new? It’s simple: They want to be the “first” to try it.

That’s why people on Pinterest buy more new products than people on other platforms. In fact, 80% of them intend to purchase new products in the next six months—26% more than non-Pinners.2

And when it comes to Gen Z, they’re less attached to particular brands and far more keen on finding new shiny things that will set them apart. According to our data, they’re 50% more likely to try a new product to see if they would like it more than their current brand or product.

“Gen Z is at a turning and transition point of adulthood,” says Pinterest researcher Alvin Li. “They’re constantly looking inward and outward to expand as people and cultivate their own individuality. They have an innate curiosity to seek new experiences and new products—it inspires them not just what to do next, but who they want to be next.”

Payoff for brands
And people on Pinterest aren’t just more open to trying new products. They buy them sooner than people on other platforms, too.

In fact, 70% of people on Pinterest want to purchase a new product or brand release they like as soon as possible. That’s 15% more likely than non-Pinners.2

As the data shows, people on Pinterest will gladly open their wallets for items across all categories, from entertainment and tech to fast food and CPG. For brands, the potential is huge: 3 in 4 people on Pinterest are 20% more likely to notice new product launch ads.2

More good news for brands: Amongst new product launch campaigns on Pinterest, over 90% of them drove a significant lift in ad recall. Plus, campaigns about new product launches on Pinterest are nearly 30% more likely to see lift in action intent.5

And while this applies to people across generations, millennials who use our platform are even more new product-obsessed than their peers who don’t use it. Millennial-aged Pinners are nearly 30% more likely to buy new products than those who aren’t on the platform.2

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Mutually beneficial relationship
So what should you know about reaching people on Pinterest for a new product launch? Here are three things to keep in mind:

Video ads are more likely to capture Gen Z’s attention than other types of marketing. As the first true digital natives, Gen Zers are more likely—60% more likely in fact—to say video ads for a new product are more likely to catch their attention.2

New products help millennials stay on-trend. They’re more likely to purchase new products to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Plus, 55% of millennials would purchase a new product after seeing it on Pinterest.

Gen X want to buy from brands that understand their values and preferences.They’re 50% more likely to say new brands or products on Pinterest are more relevant and authentic to them compared to other platforms.2 You can connect with them by embracing the channels they live on and highlighting their individual passions through personalisation.

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A receptive audience
Other brands are finding that Pinterest is a great place to launch new products. Unlike other platforms where people go to vent or flaunt, people often come to Pinterest to discover, buy and try new things. They’re in exactly the right mindset to hear about new products.

knew that when they used Pinterest to raise awareness of their range of natural beauty products and to drive traffic and sales. With a targeted campaign on Pinterest, HelloBody achieved a ROAS of over 4.2, making it twice as efficient as on other social platforms. Plus, 35% more new customers were generated through Pinterest than through other social channels, and shopping cart size grew by on average 25%. 4

Act on the insights

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Written by ASHISH ARYA

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