With a targeted campaign on Pinterest during Cyber Week, HelloBody achieved a ROAS of over 4.2, making it twice as efficient as on other social platforms.1

Beauty products, glamour and sustainability belong together. HelloBody believe that the key to beauty lies in the natural look and focus on high-quality feel-good products with carefully selected ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging.

HelloBody chose Pinterest for their campaign due to the highly interesting target group with an above-average index on the topic of “sustainability”, the targeting opportunities, and the holistic full-funnel approach of the platform. Their goal: to raise awareness of their product range and to generate traffic and sales. Many people use Pinterest to find inspiration for future purchases and are open to new products—the perfect match.

Key stats:


a strong ROAS1


higher average shopping cart size compared to other social platforms1

Pinterest users are planners seeking inspiration for future activities. Young women aged 18-45, HelloBody’s target audience, are present on the platform. Pinterest Insights have shown that a large number of this group regularly use the platform to research and discover a skincare routine that’s right for them.

Through videos and static ads that positioned the product in the foreground, HelloBody were able to highlight the benefits of their beauty products to their target audience. In a second subsequent retargeting campaign, this group was addressed again.

“Pinterest was a central channel for scaling our sales and achieving our efficiency targets.”

Andrea Oggioni, Head of Performance Marketing, HelloBody

More new customers and fuller shopping carts
The Pinterest campaign was a great success for HelloBody with a ROAS of over 4.2, which greatly exceeded the competitor benchmark of 2. Subsequent campaigns were also very successful. The Valentine’s Day campaign alone led to HelloBody’s limited-edition self-tan drops selling out within a week and the ROI was 3.6. Plus, 35% more new customers were generated through Pinterest than through other social channels, and shopping cart size grew by on average 25%.1

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:


Use various targeting options to increase conversion rates.


Use compelling images that put products centre stage.


Develop seasonal campaigns that address your target group at the right time.