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Ally Financial helps with “the money talk”

Ally Financial’s immersive Pinterest ads helped couples tackle hard financial conversations—and helped the Ally team beat their own campaign goals.

Smiling black couple laying together on white bedsheets.

When we fall in love, we do so with our hearts—not our wallets. But being open and honest about finances is key to success in any relationship, especially before tying the knot.

As a financial services leader, Ally Financial knows that “the money talk” can be rough. So they launched their “Financially Open Relationship” campaign to get couples talking about the tough topic way before wedding day.

Ally wanted to reach people on a platform where they plan big life moments. They knew couples use Pinterest throughout the wedding planning process, from selecting venues to finalizing menus. Plus, people on Pinterest are 1.4x more likely to open a savings account when planning for major life moments like weddings, compared to people on other channels.1


more efficient cost per click on Pinterest, compared to other platforms2


higher average clickthrough rate on Pinterest, compared to other platforms2

Helping fiancés plan their finances

Ally Financial made a wedding vow generator that produces “vows” for couples’ joint financial goals. The generator asks questions about spending and saving habits, then gives couples personalized tips based on their replies. Ally also made a series of Pinterest ads pointing to the generator, using immersive, eye-catching formats like carousels and collections ads. Each ad featured financial scenarios couples might encounter with light-hearted reminders about financial planning and the importance of financial transparency.

Pre-wedding planning

Ally used Pinterest Trends to get helpful insights about when people plan weddings, and the types of searches they make. Using the tool’s insights, the Ally team found helpful tips to guide their creative strategy and timing.

Healthy financial habits and results

The campaign was a big win for Ally and drove a meaningful increase in brand consideration. On Pinterest, the cost per click for this campaign was 62% more efficient than other platforms Ally used.2 The clickthrough rate was also 134% above the overall average of all other platforms used for this campaign.2

“We knew this campaign would perform well on Pinterest because it’s so often used to help people think about and plan for their next stage of life. We wanted to reach those planners, and provide them with a value-add as they prepared for or acted on those future plans.”

— Megan Audette,
Senior Director of Advertising and Social Media Strategy, Ally

Tips for your next campaign

Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.

  1. Take advantage of dynamic ad formats like carousels and collection, to increase engagement and stand out in feed.

  2. Use Pinterest Trends to learn about emerging trends that can inform your campaign’s creative approach.