IKEA created a chatbot quiz that brought people to a customized Pinterest board, giving them ideas to make their home feel like a dream getaway.

IKEA has a global reputation for clear, step-by-step instructions—and for encouraging us all to flex our DIY muscles. With their ready-to-assemble furniture and innovative home accessories, it’s no wonder they’re the world’s largest furniture retailer.

So: What could a simple, step-by-step creative ad campaign look like? With more people wanting to remodel their homes, IKEA knew Pinterest was the perfect place for decor-inspiring possibilities.

IKEA Pin showing a backyard patio partially covered with linen, a dark wood coffee table and chair with blue pillows, text overlay that reads a beachy nook sans the sand and the CTA, start chatting for design inspo

Rooms and boards
IKEA partnered with media agency Wavemaker and Ogilvy to build a custom quiz experience, called “Renocations,” that took the guesswork out of what to buy for your home. The quiz started with the chatbot “Travel A.I.Gent” asking a series of questions to determine someone’s favorite place to be—at the beach, in nature or at the park—along with an activity they love to do there.

At the end of the quiz, Travel A.I.Gent opened a Pinterest board of product recommendations, showcasing small-scale renovation ideas. From there, people could find the perfect staycation-worthy items to recreate their favorite outdoor spaces inside their homes.

The next adventure, step-by-step
IKEA is excited to continue building a holistic advertising strategy, covering the entire Pinner journey and across paid and organic media. The future looks bright—and innovative.

Tips for your next campaign

Learn about emerging trends in your industry from the Pinterest Trends tool. What you find might spark your next campaign idea.

Think vertically. Your brand may be in one category, but get creative with how you can apply your products to other industries, such as home → travel.