Video ads delivered a 20% increase in brand awareness for John Lewis’ new baby and child range, proving the success of Pinterest as a full-funnel solution.

When you’re a new parent, everyone wants to have their say: do this, don’t do that, eat this, don’t eat that. Sometimes it all gets a bit overwhelming and it’s difficult to work out the right course of action. John Lewis & Partners picked up on this issue and wanted to cut through the noise to provide support for new parents at precisely the right time.

Giving the brand the chance to showcase their products to a receptive audience of new parents that was open to new ideas, Pinterest’s full-funnel solution was ideal for John Lewis & Partners’ campaign. Their objectives were simple: boost awareness of the baby and child range and increase purchase intent among their target audience.

Key results


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Child's play
John Lewis & Partners’ strategy was centred around video Pins, supplemented by keyword and interest targeting. Kicking off the campaign, they launched a hero asset that demonstrated some of the remarkable ways that products from the baby and child range could help bring a nursery to life.

Then, John Lewis & Partners retargeted Pinners who viewed the video with promoted and organic Pins. Highlighting relevant themes (nursery design ideas, hospital essentials, etc.), showcasing specific products and providing useful info proved to be a fantastic way of cementing the brand as a leader in the baby and child space.

“Pinterest allowed us to execute our audience first strategy perfectly by allowing us to provide helpful content and support to future parents at the right moment in their lives.”

Eva Bojtos,
Partner & Senior Manager, Social Marketing Team, John Lewis & Partners

No baby blues
Advertising on Pinterest proved to be an effective full-funnel solution for John Lewis & Partners, who didn’t experience any baby blues throughout their campaign. In fact, a Kantar Millward Brown Brand Uplift Study found that brand awareness increased by 20%, while purchase intent spiked by 33%, ensuring that the brand experienced a lift at both ends of the sales funnel.

Bottom line: video ads on Pinterest helped John Lewis & Partners solidify their status among new parents as a brand that could be relied on for high-quality products and practical advice, while helping to expand their reach as well.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Retarget Pinners who’ve engaged with your previous content to promote your brand as a leader in the field you’re targeting.

Develop a full-funnel solution by placing the spotlight on individual products to encourage Pinners to make a purchase.

Supplement your campaign with keyword-optimised Pins featuring helpful tips and advice, ideal for reaching Pinners who are explicitly searching for topics related to your brand.