The Point: People are using Pinterest to plan who they’ll be when quarantine is over. They’re preparing their homes for visitors, picking outfits for future weddings and rethinking how they’ll live their values out in the world. How will your brand or product fit into their future me?

Spring has always been a time to look forward, but now Pinners really have something to look forward to: the end of a historic shutdown and quarantine. With searches like future me and future life on the rise, people are planning for what’s next... because it’s better than what’s now. 

New boards for future me and future life, comparing February 2020 to February 2021

Two bar charts showing new boards for future me and future life, comparing February 2020 to February 2021

People on Pinterest are planning—and purchasing—for their post-quarantine lives. As people plan for the future, they’ll turn to brands and creators for new ideas. Use these three emerging trends to plan your own next move. 

Hosting from home

People are moving past WFH setups, and onto host from home setups (can you believe it!?). They’re looking to get their homes ready for the public eye… or at the very least, their close friends and family. Think spruced up social spaces, fresh furniture ideas and tips to get all that clutter under control.

A closeup on a hand cleaning the detail on a fireplace mantel with a green cloth
A wall of wood shelves in a brightly lit kitchen

increase in searches for organize your life vs. last year1


increase in searches for furniture renovation vs. last year1


increase in searches for cleaning plan vs. last year1


increase in searches for patio pond vs. last year2
Local spotlight: United States

Business tip
Meet people where they are. What soundtrack will they play at their first event? What meal can you help them serve? Is your product something they’ll want to show off? First, you have to show up.

Best dressed guest

They may still be at home in sweats, but Pinners are already thinking about outfits for their next wedding invite. They’re collecting ideas for what to wear, and starting to dream up their perfect wedding entrance.

A Black woman in pink stands with her eyes closed under the white and pink blossoms of a tree
An arrangement of pink orchids on a pink cloth
A Black woman and a White woman celebrate at an outdoor wedding in a field


increase in searches for plus size wedding guest dresses vs. last year1


increase in searches for wedding guest dress spring classy vs. last year1


increase in searches for beach wedding guest outfit vs. last year1


increase in searches for outdoor wedding decorations vs. last year3
Local spotlight: Canada

Business tip
What fresh-out-the-house fashion can you offer them? Or perhaps a new makeup look? Be sure you’re using our shopping tools to share your latest products, and consider making Try On product Pins to help people test your makeup products.

Living by their values

The pandemic put us in touch with what matters. Pinterest data shows that people are more grounded in their values than ever—and they want the world to see it.

a White woman in a straw hat waters plants outside a greenhouse

A painter touches up the edge of a canvas showing various shades of pink on white

White hands hold a recyclable to-go coffee cup


increase in searches for save the planet aesthetic vs. last year1


increase in searches for gender equality poster vs. last year1


increase in searches for dream job vs. last year1


increase in searches for jardin recyclé (recycled garden) vs. last year4
Local spotlight: France

Business tip
People are looking for products and purchases that help them share their values. That means three things for brands:
Know your values.
2. Test ads that are grounded in your values, not just your products.
3. Make it clear how purchasing from you will help customers live—and show off—their own values.

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