Vodafone used a series of video Pins to efficiently promote their Green Gigabit Network to a target audience of sustainability-savvy consumers. The result: a 19% lower CPM than their internal benchmark for other social platforms while CPC was 18% lower.1

CO2 emissions make up more than 80% of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions.² That's why telco giant Vodafone felt a responsibility to contribute to a healthier and greener planet and launched their GigaGreen strategy.

Today, Vodafone's European networks run on 100% green electricity,³ so they decided to communicate this in a completely CO2-neutral campaign on Pinterest. Their goal: to raise awareness of their high-speed cable network and its contribution to a more sustainable everyday life among a large target audience, as well as to increase traffic as efficiently as possible.

Vodafone saw Pinterest as the ideal platform to run this campaign and raise awareness of their mission. Not only because video Pins are an excellent way of increasing reach and traffic, but also because Pinterest users are interested in eco-friendly ideas and care about sustainability in everyday life.

Key results:


lower CPM on Pinterest vs the internal benchmark for other social platforms


lower CPC vs the internal benchmark for other social platforms

Using video to amplify their message
Vodafone deliberately chose Pinterest’s standard 9:16 video format, as experience has shown that it achieves high viewability rates and works particularly well in the upper and mid funnel on Pinterest. Short video sequences communicated Vodafone’s 100% green approach.

Through a combination of keyword targeting, interest targeting and retargeting (e.g. keywords such as “energy saving” or “energy efficiency at home”), Vodafone were then able to optimally reach a relevant target audience of sustainability-savvy customers in both the initial awareness and subsequent traffic phases.

"By launching the Green Gigabit campaign, we are able to tap new target audiences with a high affinity for sustainability particularly efficiently on Pinterest. The high view rate of the videos also indicates the relevance and potential of our campaigns."

Christina Dürrenfeld, Digital Media Manager, Vodafone

Beating CPM and CPC benchmarks
Launching the Green Gigabit campaign on Pinterest paid off: CPM was 19% lower than the internal benchmark for other social platforms and CPC was 18% lower.

This once again confirmed the distinct mindset of Pinterest users with regard to topics such as sustainability and a greener future. What’s more, the strong result showed the effectiveness of video Pins on Pinterest, especially in combination with the available targeting options.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Use video Pins to increase reach and traffic.

Combine video Pins with targeting.

Use retargeting to enhance communication.