Manor, one of the first Swiss clients to advertise on Pinterest, used Shopping and Collections ads as part of an innovative sales campaign to reach new target groups and generate conversions. The 3.5x increase in ROAS is proof of the efficiency of their advertising on Pinterest.1


Discover something unique in everyday life or make every day special: "Special everyday" is more than just a brand slogan. It can be a way of life or, as in the case of Manor, it can be a corporate culture that embodies the employees’ working environment and the way they are perceived by customers. Manor, the largest department store group in Switzerland, have department stores, food markets and restaurants throughout the country. A large part of the group’s product range is also available online at

Like Manor, Pinterest is about making everyday life special, not just the big moments, through ideas and inspirational content. Another common denominator between Pinterest and Manor is their culture of innovation and openness to new ideas. Manor chose Pinterest to help expand their target group and increase online sales.

Key stats:


higher ROAS when compared to the beginning of the campaign1


lower CPA when compared to the beginning of the campaign1

Manor wanted to respond to the circumstances that come with everyday life in the pandemic in the best possible way. That’s why they focus on secure digital shopping for their customers and that’s where Pinterest’s shopping solutions come in. For their first campaign on Pinterest, the Manor team used the catalogue function to get their products onto Pinterest.

Manor started off with a broad campaign to initially explore Pinterest’s potential for achieving the brand’s goals. The team chose Shopping ads and used them to promote selected product groups. For the Christmas season, Manor also tested dynamic Collections ads, an innovative format that displays multiple products together.

“Following a learning phase, we achieved very good results using innovative formats such as the Shopping and Collections ad, which we now want to roll-out further as part of our full funnel strategy."

Sabine Engler, Head of Customer Engagement Marketing Manor AG

The Manor team used an initial testing and learning phase to first gain experience on Pinterest. Based on the learnings generated here and with the use of retargeting, they succeeded in gradually optimising their campaign while achieving excellent results.

As a result, Manor improved their ROAS by 3.5x, indicating the efficiency of their advertising on Pinterest. Another success: Over the course of the campaign, the CPA was reduced by as much as 70%. On the whole, the campaign provided convincing reasons for Manor to permanently include Pinterest in their strategy.1

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Retargeting pays off: This allows you to target those users who have actually shown interest in your offering.

Experiment with different product categories.

Use Pinterest's automated bidding strategy to get the most clicks at the lowest cost per result.