Help them to shop. Watch them buy.

What if you had the best of real-world browsing, combined with the convenience of e-commerce? As more people shop on Pinterest than ever before, meet them where they are and grow your business.

95%of the top searches on Pinterest don't reference 
a specific brand*

Inspire results

Reach shoppers early: Pinners tend to plan ahead, so you can reach people earlier in the path to purchase.

Set it and forget it: Manual adjustments are so last season. Our automated tools make it easy on you.

Deliver your best performance:
Get the most conversions for your budget.

A sweet solutions suite

Selling your products on Pinterest feels a lot like selling products in the real world. Share a gorgeous catalogue. Set up your shopfront. And then get to the good stuff, like tracking conversions and measuring results.

Set up shop

Stylish handbags on display

Catalogues: Reach shoppers by turning your entire product catalogue into product Pins, all at once.

Pinterest Tag: Add the Pinterest Tag to your site so that you can set up shopping campaigns and measure conversions.

Merchant solutions: Your profile's shop tab lets people explore products by category or get dynamic recommendations. You can also tag lifestyle imagery with shoppable products so that it’s easier for Pinners to buy what they love.

Connect to Shopify: If you run your shop through Shopify, you can connect your shop to your Pinterest Business account directly in the app. This will automatically claim your domain on Pinterest, set up a Pinterest Tag and bring your catalogue onto Pinterest. 

Drive sales at scale

Unique vases as a Pinterest ad

Shopping campaigns: Run campaigns that are optimised for selling products. Collections ads are the easiest way to get started: they pull directly from your product feed, show multiple images in an ad and can even display dynamic creative for different audiences.

Dynamic retargeting: Reach high-intent Pinners who already visited your site or have your items sitting in their basket. You can retarget exact or similar products as they use Pinterest.

Automatic bidding: We’ll automatically adjust your bids throughout your campaign to help you to optimise.

Funnel vision

Photos showing a Black woman in a white shirt and red skirt, and a pair of white trainers

Get a view of the entire Pinner journey with the conversion insights dashboard, which shows the total impact of your paid and organic ads on Pinner conversions.

Once you’ve started campaigns, use our conversion analysis reporting tools to better understand all the events that helped contribute to conversions before the last click.

Use Pincodes to drive in-store shoppers online

Pincode that links to make-up products

Pincodes live on physical brand assets such as packaging and displays. When people scan the code with their Pinterest camera, it'll take them straight to your profile or boards.