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On 21 September, Pinterest brought together over 200 agency planners and strategists for an educational and immersive event at BAFTA in London. Through a mix of thought-provoking content sessions, industry experts and experiential moments, our guests experienced shopping on Pinterest in real life and learned how to drive success for their brands. Miss the live event or want a replay? We’ve got you covered.

Explore each session

Watch the content in its entirety below or use the bookmarks to jump straight to the parts that are most relevant for your business. Learn how to future-proof your business, hear why marketers seem to always be talking about Gen Z and find out what’s top of mind for industry leaders during our fireside chat.

The inspired internet

Success on Pinterest

Session info

1. Future-proof your business

It's time for a full-funnel strategy. Watch now.

2. Meet Generation Inspired

An expert panel discuss what makes Gen Z tick. Watch now.


How the luxury retailer drives success on Pinterest. Watch now.

4. Pinpointing attention

Find out what’s grabbing your audience’s attention on Pinterest—and why. Watch now.

5. Leadership fireside

Hear what’s top of mind for Clare Chapman, UK CEO at Carat, and Erfan Djazmi, SVP Director of P3 at Mediahub. Watch now.

Discover what inspires Gen Z

Every marketer is talking about Generation Z. Or as we like to call them at Pinterest, Generation Inspired. We wanted to hear what makes them tick. So, we simply asked.

Super shoppers. Standout results.