Who they are: Conscious Go-getters live for what’s new and next. Ambitious, entrepreneurial and goal-oriented, they use Pinterest to plan for the future and strive for financial success. Don’t expect them to follow the pack—they lead the way forward. That’s why they’re known as the agony aunt of their inner circle, with friends and family always seeking their honest and forward-thinking perspectives. Plus, these Go-getters really live up to their name, with 9 in 10 taking some form of post-platform action after using Pinterest.

Get to know the Conscious Go-getters

Discover why this group turns to Pinterest for inspiration for what to do, make or buy next.

Why they're here

It’s their destination for inspiration

From the latest food trends to untrodden travel destinations, they want to carve their own path and stay ahead of the curve.

To build their brand

Not only is the platform an important source of personal inspiration, but it also helps fuel creative vision for their personal brand or business, from photoshoot locations to brand identity.

For the visual content

Personalised content suggestions that aren’t overloaded with so-called influencers feels unique, fresh and edgy.

9 in 10

take some form of post-platform action after using Pinterest


more likely to be in a purchase mindset when using Pinterest vs. the UK Pinner average

What they're interested in

“I like to use Pinterest to create boards when I conduct photo shoots for my business to show them a board of the imagery I like and how I want the final shots to look.”

Male, 18-24, Manchester

Tips for marketers

Conscious Go-getters like brands that speak to them directly in an upfront, honest and relatable voice about anything from product features to social issues like equality and mental health. Sure they have a broad set of interests but brands ranging from CPG and sport to travel and fitness can find ways to bring this audience awe-inspiring content. No topic is off the table—they just want to form their own opinion with no pressure and feel part of a community, not just a consumer.