Who they are: Aesthetic Seekers are all about self-expression and creativity. Sure, many of them are women but 2 in 10 are men—and they’re all on the hunt to find what authentically represents them, from fashion and beauty to art and design. Aesthetic Seekers are not only leaned-in, they’re also doers, with 8 in 10 taking some form of action after discovering ideas on Pinterest. These Gen Zers are open-minded and explorative, even if that means stepping outside their comfort zone.

Get to know the Aesthetic Seekers

Discover why these Gen Zers come to Pinterest to find inspiration for what to do, make and buy next.

Why they're here

To develop their style
They see Pinterest as a place of genuine inspiration and creativity that helps them to develop their own style by bringing new ideas into their ether.

To build their confidence

The diverse range of styles they find inspires them to try, to reinvent or to love something new, from nail art to outfit ideas.

For positive productivity

They use Pinterest to channel their explorative energy into productivity, instead of endlessly doom-scrolling on social media.

2 in 3

feel that Pinterest is a place for discovery

8 in 10

take some form of post-platform action after using Pinterest

What they're interested in

“As I’ve grown up and matured, my fashion sense has evolved. I’ve relied on inspiration and creative designs from Pinterest.”

Female, 18-25, London

Tips for marketers

As Aesthetic Seekers embrace their authentic selves, brands need to follow suit. Are you a fashion brand or in the travel industry? Aesthetic Seekers are highly interested in ideas related to your sector. To engage this group, opt for content that’s relevant, relatable and down-to-earth. Ads that show a brand’s human side are most memorable and video reigns supreme. Help Aesthetic Seekers manifest the best version of themselves with personalised recommendations.