Who they are: Design Mavens are creative souls whose interests span painting, drawing, architecture and DIY. They’re in pursuit of fresh, new ideas to recreate and use Pinterest to fuel this creativity. Caring and empathetic, they see the platform as a non-toxic place that helps them lead positive, happy and purposeful lives. And they don’t just dream, they do: 8 in 10 take some form of post-platform action after using Pinterest.

Get to know the Design Mavens

Find out why these creative souls come to Pinterest in pursuit of fresh, new ideas for what to do, make or buy next.

Why they're here

To fuel their creativity

Design Mavens are doers, motivated to seek out fresh, new ideas to recreate for themselves. Things like spin art, giclee prints, pottery or macrame—whatever helps express themselves emotionally and creatively.

For visual search

They see Pinterest as a private space where they can quickly collate and save their visual stimuli and moodboards in one place.

For safe expression

Pinterest ties into their desire for mental wellbeing, compared to the toxicity of social media. Some Design Mavens visit the platform throughout the day to ease their stress and anxiety.

8 in 10

take some form of post-platform action after using Pinterest


more likely to be in a purchase mindset when using Pinterest vs the average UK Pinner

What they're interested in

“I decided to teach myself macramé and this became a big part of my work as it developed me as an artist. I got huge inspiration from so many Pinterest accounts.”

Female, 35-44, Manchester

Tips for marketers

Design Mavens prefer ads that align with their interests and values and push creative boundaries to inspire, not interrupt. Defined by their interests in art, design, animals and architecture, petcare and homeware brands alike can build content that this group will want to engage with. Meanwhile brands doing something new and different to the norm will appeal to their creative and innovative side. Think: thumb-stopping visuals with a casual, down-to-earth tone of voice.