Who they are: Digital Doers are self-described geeks—and proudly so. 3 in 4 of these tech-savvy individuals are men and have used Pinterest as a life planner for up to four years. They love to use the platform for discovery and not only do they feel inspired by what they find, 9 in 10 turn that inspiration into action. Whether it’s a new car or a new hairstyle, they see Pinterest as a place where they can embrace their individuality, not dance to the beat of somebody else’s drum.

Get to know the Digital Doers

Meet these tech-savvy, self-described geeks and find out why they come to Pinterest to find inspiration for what to do, make or buy next.

Why they're here

For planning

They use Pinterest for everything from researching an upcoming purchase to planning a big project. When they stumble upon ideas they never knew to seek, it plants the seed for future projects.

To visualise aspirations

Pinterest helps them organise their lives and visually represent their goals, ambitions and what they’re trying to achieve—which helps their dreams seem more within reach.

To explore

Pinterest is a place where they can tap into their own interests, rather than feel the pressure of ideas pushed on them by other people or algorithms not working in their favour.

9 in 10

take some form of post-platform action after using Pinterest

3 in 4

feel Pinterest is a place for discovery

What they're interested in

“Pinterest is a quiet accumulation of what you are. Almost a private museum of your own mind.”

Male, 35-44, Midlands

Tips for marketers

Digital Doers love to understand how things work. Because they use Pinterest to research and plan, ads that focus on a brand’s benefits help answer the question “What’s in it for me?” As their interests dictate, if you are a brand in auto, tech or finance, Digital Doers want to see your stuff. Clear and informative copy combined with instructional or how-to videos can help this group visualise how they’ll tackle tasks or seed ideas for future projects.