Super shoppers. Standout results.

Pinterest is where people find their favorite products. And when they find something they love, they’re willing to pay more. 2x more per month, in fact, than people on other social platforms.1

In other words: They’re super shoppers. But if they can’t find you, they can’t shop your store. Upload your products to get started today.

A leather, light blue handbag with a long, matching strap. There is gold metal detailing on the bag's clasp.
Image of a person with short blonde hair, wearing a teal turtleneck shirt and putting on orange sunglasses with round, black frames.
Image of a red necklace with metal detailing on a neck, worn over a tan, pleather collared shirt.
A set of pinkish-tan chunky earrings on a white background.
Black man with one hand on his head, holding his hair back out of his eyes. He is clothed in a brown sweater with gold accents.
97%of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded²

Reach the right people at the right time

People shopping on Pinterest want something new, but haven’t made up their mind yet. They come seeking inspiration, and leave deciding what to buy. Their open mindset leads to bigger baskets, and stronger brand loyalty over time.

It all starts with Catalogues

Catalogues are your first step to shopping success on Pinterest.When you connect your catalogue, Pinterest automatically ingests your entire product feed.You’ll also get a Shop tab on your profile, making it easier for shoppers to find your products.

This scaled approach pays off: Merchants who upload their products to Pinterest Catalogues see 5x more impressions than those who haven’t added their products.3

Image of pin displaying an orange handbag sitting on a red table, surrounded by lush fabrics. In the forefront of the image, the pin logo appears on the left and a button reading ‘Best seller’ on the right.

Step 1

Get your products on Pinterest

If you already use Shopify or WooCommerce, it’s easy to sell on Pinterest too. Just connect your existing shopfront to your Pinterest business account and we’ll automatically add your entire product catalogue to Pinterest. This solution is most popular with small and medium-sized businesses who already maintain shopfronts with our merchant partners.

If you want to upload your catalogue directly, use Catalogues to get started.

This is the best solution for brands with a larger inventory or multiple updates throughout the day such as pricing and availability.The API helps you to scale faster than other shopping tools.

Step 2

Join the Verified Merchant Programme to build your brand

Image of Pinterest's verified merchant logo, surrounded by phrases on the left and right of the logo. On the left, from top to bottom, are the phrases ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘Invested in good’. On the right, from top to bottom, are the phrases ‘Inclusive’ and ‘Black-owned’.

People love to shop from brands that they trust. That’s what the Verified Merchant Programme is all about. It includes benefits such as a ‘verified’ badge on your profile and eligibility for enhanced distribution. Plus, eligible verified merchants can use merchant details to showcase their brand values and the communities that they identify with.

Step 3

Scale campaigns for higher returns

Image of a pin selling a women's handbag. The pin displays a person wearing a tan handbag. The handbag has a long strap and is drapped over their shoulder. The person in the image is wearing a collared, sleeveless yellow shirt with tapered khaki trousers. Below the image of the person, the cost and description of the handbag is listed. The listed price is $80 and the description reads: ‘Stylish women's handbag, promoted by Bluxome’.

Get better results when you promote your products on Pinterest. In a study, advertisers who used both Catalogues and Shopping Ads saw a 15% increase in their return on ad spend.4 Helpful tools such as automatic bidding and dynamic retargeting make it easy to set it and forget it—and see great results.

Shopping Ads

Reach shoppers when they’re most likely to act. Shopping Ads include helpful details such as pricing, product availability and reviews.

Collections Ads

This immersive format uses slideshows and video-like content to help people shop for similar products. They’re great for building bigger baskets, because they help people to find more products that they’ll like.

Measurement made easy

Woman wearing white long-sleeve top and magenta leggings, white runners in front of a pink background, with a search term that reads ‘athleisure outfit’ in a magenta pill button.

See the total impact of your paid and organic presence on Pinterest with the conversion insights dashboard. You can toggle between a high-level overview and more granular analytics to better understand your performance and to keep optimising your strategy. Make sure to add the Pinterest Tag to your site so that you get access to conversion insights on Pinterest.

Kitchen cutlery and wooden accessories displayed on a table covered with a white tablecloth
136%increase in ROAS⁵

Shopping ads made the difference for The Warehouse

The Warehouse saw a huge increase in sales performance when they started using Pinterest Shopping ads. Read their story to learn helpful shopping campaign tips.