About a month ago, we launched audiences, which let businesses bring their own data to Pinterest to better reach the people they care about. Audiences can help drive both reach—we saw 10-30x increases in impressions in early lookalike targeting tests—and performance—we saw 3x increases in clickthroughs in early visitor retargeting tests. Here are some tips to help you see similar results for your business.

Know how targeting affects placement

Depending on how you target your campaigns, your Promoted Pins will appear in different locations across Pinterest. If you target audiences only, your Pins will serve in home feed and two categories: everything and popular. You can also layer interests, keywords, devices, genders and locations on top of audiences to target specific opportunities in search and categories.


Segment your audiences to...

Crafting the perfect Pin to drive traffic to your site doesn’t have to be rocket science. You can create a great Pin by repurposing your business’ existing email, website and social assets with Photoshop or image editing sites like Canva and PicMonkey.

A/B testing Pins with online retailer, von Holzhausen

We worked with von Holzhausen, a LA-based business that sells minimalist luxury accessories exclusively online to craft beautiful and engaging Promoted Pins with existing product images. We used a free template on Canva to create a multi-image Pin featuring three tote bags and added their logo and a simple text overlay.

We put our Pin to the test and ran two Promoted Pin campaigns, one with the multi-product Pin we created on Canva, and the other using a single product image saved directly from von Holzhausen’s site.

This is the Pin image we created:...