Mother’s Day is less than a month away, and millions of Pinners are looking for the perfect gift during one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year.

Right now, we’re seeing a 250% increase in repins of Mother’s Day content. Planners are already looking for personalized gifts and experiences for their moms, while the procrastinators wait until the week of Mother’s Day to look for last minute gifts and DIY ideas.

Don’t forget: moms are a huge audience on Pinterest. The average mom on Pinterest spends 124 minutes Pinning each month, discovering and saving creative ideas that can help her plan for what’s next.  These moms represent a big opportunity for businesses — 46% of moms on Pinterest have a household income of more than $75,000, according to comScore.

To stand out from the 260 million Mother’s Day Pins, make sure your Pins are helpful. Detailed descriptions, text overlays...

The world is made of both planners and procrastinators, and at Pinterest that becomes most clear during holidays and seasonal moments like Cinco de Mayo. 
In the two weeks before Cinco de Mayo, early planners start exploring elaborate decorations and desserts, like piñatas and festive desserts. But in the week before Cinco de Mayo, procrastinators get on Pinterest to look for things like last-minute party ideas.
Between both of these groups, we see a 300% increase in Cinco de Mayo Pinning. This means that between now and early May, it’s a great time to reach all sorts of Pinners and promote your brand.
Not sure what to Pin? 97% of the 42 million Cinco de Mayo Pins are in these 5 categories: 
  1. Education: Give parents and teachers the right tools to teach kids more about the holiday, or share festive Cinco de Mayo-themed worksheets. 
  2. Food
  3. ...