With so much content out there, separating your Pins from the pack might feel a bit daunting—but fear not. Through three studies, we looked at more than 100,000 Pins to see how differences in things like text and background affect clicks and repins. Take a look at our video to learn more about creating eye-catching Pins: 
Want more dos and don'ts? Check out our detailed guide on how to make great Pins and keep these 3 things in mind:
Great Pins are helpful
People love using Pinterest to learn how to pursue their projects and interests, and it shows—informative Pins are up to 30% more engaging than other Pins. To make your Pins more informative, try adding advice, instructions or how-tos. You should write detailed...

We want people to discover, save and do things that interest them and today, we’ve added one more way: App Pins. Pinners can now install iOS apps without ever leaving Pinterest.

These new App Pins are part of Rich Pins, our broader effort to make Pins more useful. We’ve already added recipe, article, product, place and movie Pins to help people take action on the things they care about.

With more than 75% of traffic to Pinterest coming from mobile devices, we wanted to make finding apps for all types of interests a little bit easier.

When you come across an App Pin in the wild on an iOS device, you’ll see an app icon right on the Pin as well as an install button. Tap the button to download the app right to your iPhone or iPad.

Check out iOS apps on the App Store’s new Pinterest...