Bon voyage! Whether it’s for adventure or relaxation, Pinners are packing their bags to travel the world. In fact, travel is one of our top 10 categories: 780 million travel Pins have been saved by 16 million Pinners this last year alone.

Jetsetters are using Pinterest to get ideas for new travel spots and plan details for upcoming trips. Travel tips (like budget and family travel) are popular with 19 million Pins. And you can’t plan a trip without the right outfit: There are 5 million Pins on travel style.

Pinners also satisfy their wanderlust by saving Pins of travel-related quotes (15 million Pins), along with travel and nature photography (18 million Pins).

Top trips and cities

Travel Pinning grows quickly in January and peaks in the spring, before declining throughout the year. And since people start planning and saving earlier on Pinterest than search or social, we get a...

Abby Fromm is on our Partner Ops Team in San Francisco, and she helps businesses get set up with Pinterest Ads everyday. A couple weeks ago, she explained how traffic and engagement campaigns work on our blog—this week, she’s here to answer questions about targeting and bids.

Q: What is targeting?

A: Targeting is how you make sure you show your ads to the right people. You can target ads based on gender, location and device, as well as keywords and interests.

Q: What’s the difference between interest and keyword targeting?

A: Interest targeting lets you reach a specific audience according to interests like yoga or healthy eating. When you use interest targeting, your Pins will show up in high-traffic places that Pinners use to browse, like the home feed and relevant category feeds.

Meanwhile, keyword targeting helps you reach people as they’re looking for something specific. When you...