Imagine this: To unwind at the end of a workday, a Pinner explores their home feed, discovers a camping tent they like and saves it to a board. This inspires them to plan a backpacking trip, using Pinterest to research hiking trails and campsites and figure out exactly where they can buy that tent. 

Time and again, our research has revealed that this scenario reflects typical Pinner behavior. People do tons of different things on Pinterest, but most simply, it’s about discovering, saving and planning what to do next.

When we first launched Promoted Pins, our goal was to give businesses a unique way to get in front of more people on this path. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new suite of ad solutions, which maps your business goals to the steps Pinners take to plan their futures. The solutions are:

  • Comprehensive: Free and paid solutions that map
  • ...
Today, Millward Brown released a study proving that Pinterest plays a huge role in influencing purchases—according to their research, most Pinners have bought something because of Pinterest. 
In their study, Millward Brown analyzed survey responses from more than 2,000 people, and of those who have actively used Pinterest in the past 6 months:
  • 96% have used Pinterest to research and gather information
  • 93% have used Pinterest to plan for purchases
  • 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest
The research also found that Pinners (especially women and millennials), tend to use Pinterest as a planning tool during key life moments, big and small. In fact, active Pinners are 47% more likely to be going through major events in the next 6 months, from getting married and buying a home to having a baby or planning a special occasion.
All this just goes to show how Pinterest is...