It’s the time of year when millions of people refresh their wardrobes, head back to school and get hyper focused before the holidays. Why not give your Pinterest an updated look, too? Do more with Pinterest this fall and achieve all your marketing goals, whether that’s more site traffic, conversions or engagement.

Here’s your back-to-school Pinterest checklist:

Come up with a specific Pinterest goal. Think about why you first joined Pinterest and whether or not that’s still the right approach. Pick a goal—traffic, sales, engagement—and use Pinterest Analytics to track your progress.

Add the Pin It button to all of your images. The Pin It button lets people save your content back to Pinterest. You can add the (free!) button to all of your site’s images. The button’s also available on Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger and Wix, plus iOS and Android apps. You can add a widget to your iOS...

It’s important to remember that Pins aren’t just visual bookmarks—Pins are strong signals of intent. With these Pins, 70 million Pinners are trying to tell you that they’re getting ideas for dinner, planning a party or kicking off a home improvement project. But no matter what their goal on Pinterest is, oftentimes people are looking for help from brands to know what to buy.

This means that if you want to drive online sales, Pinterest is a good place to be. Here, your products aren’t just helpful, they’re actually welcome. To get you started, here are 4 tried-and-true tips:

Tip 1: Make your Pins memorable

Every day, people are bombarded with content from all over the web. To stick out from the crowd, it helps to create boards that reflect your character and values—feel free to...