Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show gave us a look at the technologies that will shape 2017. Since CES is the first conference of the year, it’s a natural time for marketers to come together and reflect on what’s happening in the industry. Throughout CES, I met with marketers to talk about key challenges from 2016, and what’s top of mind for the year to come.

It’s clear we’re hitting a critical turning point for digital marketing. As an industry, we’ve learned a lot about what works–and where the challenges fall. Now it’s time to fix what isn’t working and empower people to build stronger, more creative marketing programs.

As I plan for 2017 with my Pinterest colleagues and our partners, I keep coming back to a few key trends. I believe these topics will define marketers’ agendas for 2017, impacting everything from how brands think about marketing, to how they measure success.

This winter, Pinterest sat down with leading retail marketers like eBay and Blackbird Garage to learn more about their approach to the holiday season and how they use Pinterest to advance their business. Land of Nod's Director of Marketing Joe Orlando shared how Pinterest works with their objectives in the third installment of our retail holiday Q&A series.

Orlando's goal is to maximize the reach of Land of Nod’s exclusive assortment of toys that run on pure imagination, no batteries required. He does it by focusing on all areas of the funnel, from awareness to acquisition and customer retention. "I believe everyone should buy gifts for kids during the holidays," he noted, "whether their own, nieces/nephews, friends kids or even donating toys to local charities."

At Land of Nod, do you think of the traditional marketing funnel when creating your campaign strategies this holiday?

We do think of the traditional funnel when identifying our...