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Our newest frames for summer
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Solutions for every goal

Chart showing ad performance and impressions over time

Grow your reach and build brand or product awareness

Get more traffic to content on or off Pinterest

Drive actions like online sales, signups and subscriptions

Offline sales
Increase in-store purchases

Your ads work harder here

  • 2.3x

    more efficient cost per conversion than ads on social media1

  • 2x

    higher return on ad spend for retail brands, compared to social media1

Pinterest ad formats

Visual-first formats

Simple, flexible tools

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Create on mobile

Turn organic Pins into ads in just a few steps, all from your phone.

Ads Manager

Build and edit your campaigns, or set up custom targeting. This guide gives the basics, plus helpful tips.

Pinterest Business Partners

Work with our approved partners to scale your ads and measure results.

Make every dollar count

A graphic showing two adjustable scales for days and daily budget

You decide how much to spend and how long your ads will run. Depending on your campaign type, you can choose to set your own bids or let our automatic bidding tools do it for you.

Find your perfect audience

Our precise targeting tools get your ads in front of the people you care about most.

  • Automated targeting

    We’ll pick your audience based on details from your Pin.

  • Demographics

    Narrow to the right audience using information like age, gender, location and language.

  • Interests

    Reach people based on the topics they like, such as recipes or home decor. Your ads will show as people browse their home feeds.

  • Keywords

    Reach people ready to act by targeting specific search terms. Your ads will appear in search results and related Pins.

  • Customer lists

    Upload your customer list to reach people who have already engaged with your website, store or Pinterest content.

  • Actalikes

    Use actalike audiences to find other people with similar interests and behaviors to your existing customers.

Analytics at your fingertips

Pinterest Analytics dashboard showing performance over the last thirty days

Track performance as you go to optimize your ads. When your campaign ends, dig deep with measurement reports and advanced analytics.

Inspiration for your next ad

Ad Pin with woman in summer dress
Two bottles of beauty products
Breathtaking image touting honeymoon destinations
Top 10 European honeymoons
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Person walking in red high-top sneakers on blue stairscase
Ad Pin for recipes
School supplies laid out on yellow table with the tagline "Stock up on back-to-school basics"
Stock up on back-to-school basics
Two women wearing bright eyeshadow and lipstick