A beginner’s guide to Pinterest content

October 21, 2022Catie Marques Teles

Idea Pin of black hands shaving carrots over a bowl of tomatoes and mushrooms, centered on a background image of a basil plant.

Putting your content out there is no small feat. While just posting up your camera roll favorites can be pretty straightforward, coming up with successful content can sometimes feel like a bit of guesswork if you don’t really know the lay of the land. 

Enter the Pin primer every creator should know. Whether you’re curious about what actually makes for a good Pin or just want real talk about how Pinterest works, you’ll find all your top questions answered.

How Pinterest content works 

What kind of content can I make on Pinterest? 
Pinterest is the app for inspiration. People use it to find all kinds of ideas, from everyday needs to purchases for big life moments. More than a specific aesthetic or perfection, people on Pinterest are looking for content they relate to and ideas that motivate them to try something new.

You can post about anything that’s meaningful to you. We just ask that you keep your content (aka “Pins”) inspiring, positive and actionable. Think: ideas to improve your life or ideas to springboard off of, like your tried-and-true healthy weeknight dinners, a favorite self-care routine, or a how-to for upcycling old clothes.

How will people find my content? 
Your Pins may appear in a few different places on Pinterest. The most prominent spot is the Pinterest home feed, which people see every time they open Pinterest. Every person sees a personalized feed of ideas related to their interests, so they’re likely to find content that appeals to them. Your Pins can also appear in people’s search results, or in “related Pin” sections near specific Pins or boards. 

How does the recommendation system work? 
Pinterest is different from other online platforms because content is displayed based on engagement signals and topics, rather than ranked chronologically. Your content will keep showing up for relevant audiences over time, long past the day you post it.

Because the most inspiring Pins are the ones that people actually want to try, Pinterest prioritizes content with high signals of meaningful engagement. And the strongest metric to measure how people are engaging with a Pin—and how an idea is resonating with people—is saves. So, for example, if there’s a Pin with a lot of saves, the system will recommend it across the platform’s main pages over other less inspiring, less engaging content. 

Finding success on Pinterest

How often should I post? 
Quality and relevance matter more than frequency on Pinterest. So while you can determine the best schedule for you, posting on a weekly basis is a good rule of thumb. Because content is evergreen, your hard work works harder, and people will keep seeing your ideas over time. 

How do I make my Pins go viral?
Going viral isn’t what Pinterest is about. It’s not a place for clickbait or tricks to keep people scrolling on their phones longer. Instead of aiming for viral, aiming for engagement and relevance is how people succeed on Pinterest. Make sure to follow the creative best practices so your Pins stand out. 

Measuring Pin performance 

Which metrics should I track?
Look for signals that people are actually inspired by your idea and might want to try it in real life, like saves, comments and follows. For example, if people are saving your Pins to take action on them later, that’s a clear indication that your Pins are resonating.

How do I check my Pinterest analytics? 
First, take a look at your Pins stats. These custom dashboards show key metrics like saves, impressions (the number of times your Pins were on screen), follows (the number of followers gained from a Pin), and clicks. And you can easily track how your Pins perform over time. These stats are only visible to you and can help you figure out more engaging ideas for your audience. 

That’s the scoop. So go ahead, bring your inspiring ideas to life keeping these things in mind. And you’ll be on your way to creating your best Pins yet. You got this!