6 ways to grow with saves

July 28, 2022Catie Marques Teles

On a teal background, a collage of three images. To the left, a red-haired woman with blue eyeshadow and jacket. In the middle, a table with radishes and a water pitcher in the background. To the right, a bunch of purple flowers in a technicolor vase.

There are a lot of metrics to keep track of as a creator. But if you really want to understand how people are engaging with your content on Pinterest, here’s a little secret: Saves are your best bet for tracking your success.

On Pinterest, saves are a sign of intent. People save Pins because they want to revisit them later and actually try them—not just “like” them. When someone saves your Pin, that’s a really, really good sign. It means your idea is resonating, and people want to try it for themselves. 

That’s why the Pinterest algorithm pays attention to saved content. And the more people save your ideas, the more they’ll show up for other, new audiences all across Pinterest.

Here’s how to create content that gets you more saves—and a more engaged audience too.  

1. Make the first move

Encourage your audience to save your Pins. In your content, include plugs to save your Pin and come back to try it later. And don’t leave them hanging. If people comment on your Pins or add takes, make sure to reply. Interacting with your audience helps them feel more engaged. 

2. Write it out 

The text you use for your Pins factors into how content shows up on Pinterest. The more relevant copy and context you include—like descriptions for Pins, ingredient lists for recipe Idea Pins, names for boards—the more likely your idea will appear in more places across Pinterest and reach the right people who are interested in your content.  

3. Work those metrics

Check your analytics to see what your audience is saving and engaging with the most. Then, use those insights to create more high-powered content. Your analytics can help you figure out the formats that work best for you, too. All Pinterest formats can drive strong performance, so it’s really up to choosing what feels right for your ideas and resonates with your audience.  

4. Hit record

It’s easy to expand your storytelling repertoire with video. Try creating native Pinterest video content to bring people into your ideas and creative process. When you make a video in the app, it’s fun and quick to add flair with features like stickers, filters, music and more. 

5. Know what’s in demand

There’s no need to guess what topics you should cover. Use the Pinterest trends tool to see what’s popular with people on Pinterest, right now. Or, you can do your own keyword research on Pinterest itself by typing ideas into the search tab or looking through trending topics in the creator hub on mobile. 

6. Post on the reg 

It pays to publish regularly, but you don’t have to burn yourself out on Pinterest. A weekly cadence offers the best bang for your content-publishing buck.

Once you get started, keep it up! Continue or tweak your approach based on what you learn from your metrics. And when you see that people are saving your content, you’ll know your ideas are actually reaching and inspiring your audience.