Your ideas belong here: apply for the Creator Fund

May 25, 2021 — Alexandra Nikolajev and Maria Breaux

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The internet can be an overwhelming place. But when Oyin Edogi joined the Pinterest Creator Fund, she knew she’d found a supportive community.

“I felt very seen,” Edogi said. “I swapped ideas with creators coming from all different types of backgrounds. I couldn’t have asked for a better program.”

Oyin Edogi’s Video Pin series recommending 5 things to do on a solo staycation

Oyin Edogi, @sweetlikeoyin

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A program for inspiration

Edogi was one of the first to join our Creator Fund, a new initiative focused on the growth and success of underrepresented creators: people of color, people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community. The Fund launched in April with the goal of fostering creator talent through financial and educational support. It also aims to make Pinterest an increasingly inclusive and diverse platform.

In addition to Edogi, the first cohort included eight amazing participants, from photographers to travel bloggers to a private chef: Anthony Gomes, Adela Guerra, Jomely Breton, Kayla Greer, Polly Irungu, Sara Toufali and Seyi Famuyiwa.

And now, we’re announcing our second round of applications for the Fund. Starting today, new creators can apply to get expert training, resources and a financial grant.

A fun, info-packed agenda

During a four-week workshop, Fund members get hands-on training to help them succeed on Pinterest. Topics include making Idea Pins, taking advantage of Pinterest trends and measuring campaign success. Participants also get personalized consulting to boost their Pinterest creative strategies. And to top it off, every creator receives a financial grant of $25k in cash and ad credits.

Idea Pins featuring Adela Guerra, Anthony Gomes and Oyin Edogi

Idea pins from left to right:

Adela Guerra, Anthony Gomes, Oyin Edogi

A boost for rising stars

Anthony Gomes joined the first Fund class to help build his fashion-focused audience on Pinterest. The Pins he made during his workshops saw great results and helped build his momentum. “The program not only helped me grow my audience,” Gomes said, “but the financial assistance helped me create high-quality content that showcased my work.”

On average, Fund creators saw 2.9x more Idea Pin impressions and 72% more monthly viewers compared to their previous performance1

All across the first class, creators got a lift from participating in the program. On average, Fund creators saw 2.9x more Idea Pin impressions and 72% more monthly viewers compared to their previous performance. And, combined, they gained over 24,000 new followers.1 We're excited to watch our first Creator Fund cohort continue to inspire and grow on Pinterest.