The reason Pinners love Pinterest is the reason advertisers will, too

April 1, 2021 — Jim Habig

We have a value at Pinterest: “Put Pinners first.” It means we listen to how people are experiencing the platform every day, and we let them guide us to the right answer. That’s exactly how we landed on our first-ever global B2B campaign concept, which launches over the next few days in six countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom and United States).

Globally, Pinners tell us that their experience on Pinterest is different. They aren’t using the platform to fend off FOMO or doomscroll the day away. Pinterest is for inspiration. More than 459 million monthly active users on Pinterest are coming to the platform to try new things and save new ideas.1 And while they’re ready to act, they’re also open-minded and undecided. 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded,2 but 8 in 10 Pinners say they’ve made a purchase based on a brand they found here.3 That gives brands the perfect opportunity to be just the thing they were looking for.

Today, we’re launching our first-ever B2B campaign to tell that story to advertisers. The message of the campaign? On Pinterest, you can be their next.

Not only can you reach your audience here—you can be just the thing they were looking for. Their next try. Their next save. Their next buy. From inspiring auto advertisers to market their sustainable vehicles to helping beauty brands position up-and-coming indie beauty looks, the campaign videos speak to five different advertiser verticals. Enjoy an exclusive first look at some of the campaign videos.