Pinterest ads expand into Brazil to meet a growing audience

April 5, 2021 — Andre Loureiro da Silva Pereira

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46 million people in Brazil use Pinterest to find ideas.1 To shop. To decide what’s next.

They’ve long depended on Pinterest for inspiration and product discovery. And starting today, Brazilian marketers can use Pinterest ads to better reach this highly engaged audience.

Pinterest ads come to Brazil

Now, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Pinterest advertising solutions. This includes robust targeting, shopping ads, interactive measurement dashboards and other tools to help run efficient, effective campaigns.

This launch marks our first ads expansion into Latin America, with more countries coming soon. “Brazil is one of Pinterest’s largest markets outside of the US,” said Jon Kaplan, Global Head of Sales at Pinterest. “Our scale, paired with the unique mindset of people on Pinterest, makes our audience incredibly valuable to marketers. We're thrilled to bring this opportunity to advertisers in Brazil, and look forward to expanding across more countries in Latin America.”

Your ads belong here

Pinterest is the only platform where ads are additive. Because people come to find ideas, they’re more open to ads and content from brands on Pinterest, compared to other platforms.

This means your brand can show up for the right people, at the right time. 97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded—giving you a big opportunity to reach people before competitors do.2

Plus, you’re reaching people who make purchase decisions. Nearly half of the women in Brazil, 45% of Gen Z’ers and 60% of moms in Brazil use Pinterest.3


of women in Brazil use Pinterest


of Gen Z’ers in Brazil use Pinterest


of moms in Brazil use Pinterest

Businesses in our Brazil ads pilot have already seen impressive results. For example: take Westwing. As participants in our beta, they were able to start paid campaigns on Pinterest and grow their potential customer base.

We feel honored to be invited to participate in this beta and we believe in the platform's potential also to accelerate the awareness and engagement of our brand.

Renato Grego
CMO, Westwing

Reach inspired shoppers

On Pinterest, shopping is different. People come for an experience, not a transaction. Inspiration is a key driver in shopping—in fact, 66% of people say it’s critical in helping them decide what to buy.4 That’s why Pinterest is building a more inspired shopping experience, for both consumers and brands.

Today’s news marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for Pinterest in Brazil. To learn more about our ads products and the unique Pinterest opportunity, join us for Pinterest Presents on May 12. It will be Pinterest’s first advertiser summit in Brazil, filled with audience insights, announcements and inspiring talks. Sign up now and stay tuned for more announcements soon.