Video ads drove a 4x higher engagement rate than benchmarks, proving the value of a full-funnel strategy.

Sea-powered skincare might sound like a fishy concept but for La Mer, it’s anything but.

Back in the 1950s, Dr Max Huber was burnt in a lab accident. No matter—kelp was at hand. Using his signature fermentation process, Huber created Miracle Broth, a cell-renewing elixir made from sea kelp and other ingredients that’s at the heart of every La Mer product. It helped restore his skin and turned La Mer into an iconic skincare brand.

Cut to the present and La Mer wanted to expand into deeper waters. The goal? To be the first-ever UK brand to launch a targeted sampling campaign on Pinterest. Aiming to send product samples to Pinners who had already engaged with their ads, La Mer planned to drum up new users and boost the number of reviews on their website.

Key results


increase in reviews1


higher engagement rate than benchmarks1

Finding new audiences
La Mer knew that Pinterest was an effective platform for implementing a full-funnel strategy. In the “Awareness” phase of the campaign, they wanted Pinners to understand which product was the best fit for their needs, before prompting them to claim a sample of their preferred texture in the “Consideration” and “Conversion” stages.

Getting the campaign off to a flying start, they decided to use max-width video ads that showcased the benefits of the brand’s five moisturiser textures. La Mer aligned their video ads with seasonal, everyday moments—ensuring relevancy by capitalising on changes to the weather—and displayed prominent branding throughout the film to drive engagement.

“Using our previous learns on Pinterest and on other social channels was key to our success, as was the partnership with the Pinterest creative studio, who helped us ensure that our creative was fit for the channel.”

Coraline Millena
Digital Marketing Manager, La Mer

Driving brand awareness and sales
Proving that the success of their Pinterest campaign was far from skin deep, La Mer saw great results throughout the funnel. One of the best indicators of success was the 2x increase in website reviews, demonstrating that the campaign had helped to drive awareness and sales. In addition, La Mer saw a 4x higher engagement rate than Pinterest’s benchmarks.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Tweak your campaign in real-time to capitalise on learnings and try new tactics.

Work in tandem with the Pinterest team to make sure that your campaign’s media buying and creative is optimised for the platform.

Implement cross-channel retargeting using data from other platforms, ensuring consistent omnichannel messaging.