Gatorade inspires healthy living with creator-led Idea ads

Immersive, creator-first Idea ads helped Gatorade Zero spread a positive message about exercise and hydration. 

In the forefront, a bottle of orange-flavored Gatorade Zero. In the background, two people in workout clothes on rowing machines.

The key to sticking to fitness goals? Keep it interesting. When people do the same thing every day, they eventually get bored and stop the routine.

Gatorade Zero wanted to help their audience stay interested, and inspired. To do this, and to bring Gatorade Zero to new fans along the way, the sports beverage company launched an Idea ads with paid partnership campaign on Pinterest.


Impressions from Gatorade’s Idea ads featuring creators1


Clicks in feed to the Idea ads from Gatorade’s campaign1

Finding the perfect partners

Gatorade’s approach was simple, yet effective. They teamed up with four of Pinterest’s most popular fitness creators like VeraLaRo and Domonique Panton to create Idea ads that provided workout inspo, and reminded Pinners to stay hydrated as they strengthen.

Thanks to their rich storytelling features, Idea ads were a perfect fit for Gatorade’s fitness-focused campaign. Idea ads with paid partnerships are built around Idea Pins, a multi-page, multimedia format. And, since Gatorade was working with creators, they leveraged the paid partnership tool. This gives brands and creators an official way to disclose their relationship and expand their audiences.

For this campaign, creators recorded inspiring workout and healthy living routines featuring sugar-free Gatorade Zero. They filmed the videos from a variety of locations, some in the gym and others at-home. All of the creators already had established audiences on Pinterest. So when creating the videos, they used the same style and voice that they always had in their pins, which made the content feel extra authentic and engaging. Creators were also filmed drinking Gatorade Zero during their workouts and using Gatorade water bottles, towels and other branded products.

Reaching the right audience

To make sure the ads were reaching the right audiences, Gatorade used a combination of trends, interest and keyword targeting By blending the three, Gatorade’s ads reached people who were already using Pinterest for workout inspiration and healthy living content.

“Handing over the creative power to a Pinterest creator allowed for an authentic moment of fitness that could only come from that creator. It made our ads feel new, natural and engaging.”

— Johanna Lugo,
Marketing Assistant Manager, Gatorade

Post-workout, post-campaign gains

Gatorade Zero’s Idea ads generated more than 14 million views and 34 million impressions.1 The reason was clear: the content was reaching the right audiences and offering something valuable—workout inspiration.

Tips for your next campaign

Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.

  1. Work with Pinterest creators. In a study, brands that worked with creators saw 38% higher brand awareness. Creators help tell the story of your brand with a trusted and authentic voice.2

  2. Use granular targeting in Ads Manager to ensure your ads’ creative aligns with the keywords and interests of your intended audience on Pinterest.

  3. Ads work best when they inspire Pinners to take action. Be sure to include content that inspires, not just stuff that sells.