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Crown care

Time to go back to your roots. Gen X and Boomers will prioritize “Skinification,” a focus on the scalp and crown of your hair, this year.

Scalp massage techniques +55%
Clean scalp +55%
Scalp treatment for dry scalp +70%
Natural hair mask for growth +80%
Clean scalp build up +45%

Gemini hair

Geminis don’t have to choose—your hair shouldn’t have to either. Gen Z and Millennials will mix natural hues with bright purples, blues and pinks.

Blue and black braids +215%
Lavender and blonde hair +150%
Pink and lavender hair +345%
Brown to pink balayage +280%
Multi tone hair color +135%

Micro makeover

Beauty is going small this year. Millennials and Gen Z will favor bob haircuts and short French manis over long locks and acrylic nails. Big beauty comes in small packages.

Micro french nails +235%
Chopped bob haircut +550%
Micro bangs +110%
Short stiletto nails +80%
Short braid hairstyles +45%


Pool pawties

Pool parties are going to the dogs. Gen X and Boomers will host pet pool parties, complete with invitations, party favors and party decor.

DIY dog areas in backyard +490%
DIY dog pool +85%
Dog birthday party ideas decoration +65%
Dog party favors +135%
Mini pool ideas +830%

Rust married

So long, something blue. Say yes to orange. Millennial and Gen Z couples will splash their weddings with orange hues, from the bridesmaid dresses to the floral arrangements.

Burnt orange wedding theme +695%
Terracotta wedding bridesmaid dresses +230%
Orange wedding centerpieces +150%
Copper saree +285%
Orange dress outfit wedding +285%

The YOLO years

More years, more reasons to party. Boomers and Gen X will plan epic bashes for major milestones, from 100th birthday parties to 50th anniversaries.

100th birthday party ideas +50%
Golden anniversary party +370%
50th anniversary cookies decorated +135%
80th birthday party decorations +85%
Silver jubilee cake 25th anniversary +245%


All the raves

Rave culture will reign in the year ahead. Gen Z and Millennials are bouncing back from over two years in lockdown, bringing techno style, rave fashion and house music with them.

House music outfits +185%
Berlin rave fashion +250%
Rave party aesthetic +35%
Techno style +60%
Music mixer +115%


Airy styles

2023 fashion will be filled with lace, tulle, ruffles and shimmer. It’s ethereal details for all, no matter how you identify.

Shimmery dress +365%
Lace top long sleeve +225%
Tulle sleeves +65%
Ruffle shirt men +95%
Sheer pants outfit +70%

Fringe with benefits

It’ll be all about fringe on this year’s runway. Gen X and Millennials will trade in their typical tassels for free-swinging fringed outfits, dresses and jackets.

Fringe dress outfit +255%
Tassel jacket +60%
Beaded fringe dress +75%
Fringe wedding dress +45%
Black fringe skirt outfit +155%

Romcom core

Gen Z and Millennials will romanticize their closets with slip dresses, tube tops and cargo pants. It's a new kind of meet cute, inspired by your favorite 2000s romcom.

2000s girl +235%
Cool girl aesthetic outfits +140%
Pink mini skirt outfit +145%
Rhinestone dress +90%
Summer outfits vintage 90s +150%

Sci-fi fits

Fashion is moving light-years ahead. Gen Z and Millennials will opt for futuristic fits, like cyber streetwear, galactic glasses and gamer-girl styles.

Dystopian outfits +215%
Avant garde outfit +225%
Cyber streetwear +70%
Gamer girl look +3370%
Futuristic glasses +70%

Financial services

Cha-ching challenge

Gen X and Millennials will seek new ways to gamify their finances, searching for budget challenges and saving games. Who said finances can’t be fun?

1000 savings challenge +185%
Bi weekly savings challenge +355%
Budget challenge +135%
Envelope challenge savings +155%
100 envelope challenge +145%

Food and beverage

Free spirits

Gen X will demand mocktails, cocktails and low-ABV options for all. Happy hour just got free-spirited.

Fancy non alcoholic drinks +220%
Mocktail bar +75%
Cocktail garnish ideas creative +225%
Fancy ice cubes +75%
Creative cocktails presentation +555%

Vitamin seaweed

The coolest superfoods will be from the sea. A long-standing staple in Asian cultures, ocean-based foods and minerals are a fave among Millennials and Gen X.

Benefits of chlorophyll water +35%
Green algae +60%
Seaweed snacks recipes +245%
Nori recipes +60%
Salmon bowl +245%


The apothecary aesthetic comes to the kitchen. Gen X and Millennials are tackling ambitious sweet treats like wildflower cupcakes and daisy desserts.

Daisy cupcakes +85%
Wildflower cupcakes +110%
Herbal apothecary aesthetic +1025%
Purple floral cake +85%
Sage green cupcakes +210%

Hobbies and interests

Date different

Gen Z will embark on a different kind of dating experience, opting for experiential outings like bookstore dates, museum meet cutes and aquarium adventures.

Bookstore date +195%
Date picnic ideas +385%
Creative date night ideas +120%
Aquarium date +235%
Museum dates +70%

Good on paper

Analog hobbies are back! Boomers and Gen Z will turn to quilling, origami and paper art to satisfy their crafty cravings.

How to make paper rings +1725%
Origami instructions +175%
Paper mache furniture +60%
Quilling art +60%
Paper animal +385%


Chance of showers

No bathtub? No problem! Gen X and Boomers are searching for shower bombs and home spa bathrooms. Showertime just got so luxurious.

Shower routine aesthetic +460%
Amazing showers walk in +395%
Shower bomb +90%
Home spa bathroom +190%
Doorless shower ideas +110%

Hipstoric home

Boomers and Gen Z will find new ways to honor old stuff in their homes, combining vintage and inherited pieces with modern styles.

Eclectic interior design vintage +850%
Mixing modern and antique furniture +530%
Antique windows repurposed +50%
Maximalist decor vintage +350%
Antique room aesthetic +325%

Home front

Time to serve the greeter good—the front porch will get the spotlight treatment. Boomers and Gen X will adorn their entrances with elaborate decor and embellishments.

Foyer entryway decor ideas +190%
Front door portico +40%
Front door transformation +85%
Garden front of house entrance +35%
Porch for camper +115%


Gen Z and Boomers will make room for weirdcore design, mushroom decor and fantasy art in their sacred spaces. Anything but ordinary, please!

Fantasy mushroom art +170%
Vintage mushroom decor +35%
Funky house decor +695%
Weirdcore bedroom +540%
DIY mushroom decor +77%


Boomers and Gen X will care more about water conservation. They’ll look for natural sustainable solutions, like harvesting rainwater and placing drought-tolerant landscapes.

Rain water harvesting architecture +155%
Drought tolerant landscape design +385%
Rain barrels ideas beautiful +100%
Rain chain drainage +35%
Rock drainage landscaping +70%


Beyond blue and pink

Gender norms in parenting approaches are shifting. Gen Z and Millennials are proudly practicing gender-neutral parenting as they raise the next generation.

Personal pronouns flashcards +80%
My self activities for kids +35%
Self identity art +75%
Gender flags +285%
Unisex name +90%

The fourth trimester

People are coming to Pinterest for their postpartum needs. Millennials are seeking ways to support parents during that famous fourth trimester.

Postpartum must haves +40%
Postpartum basket +135%
Postpartum essentials +85%
Postpartum meals +70%
Postpartum gift +140%


All aboard

Gen Z and Millennials will find a renewed love for train travel. Quicker boarding, extra legroom and a lower carbon footprint are all making trains more appealing.

Interrailing europe aesthetic +105%
Train trip aesthetic +205%
Train travel aesthetic +40%
Train quotes travel +285%
Indian railway station photography +175%


Now processing

Gen Z and Millennials are seeking alternatives to talk therapy—like expressive art, music therapy and art journaling—as new, creative ways to work on themselves.

Writing therapy +1840%
Expressive art therapy activities +120%
Music therapy +30%
Journal writing prompts therapy +220%
Art journal therapy +3755%

Primal movement

Time to trade in screens for stretches and desks for tricep dips. These primitive, anti-tech workouts will help Gen X and Millennials prioritize their posture.

Primal movement +120%
Mobility stretches +140%
Neck hump exercises +210%
Knee mobility exercises +135%
Hip mobility exercises +100%