Floor & Decor

Reaching remodelers with Shopping Ads

The flooring retailer uses Shopping Ads to reach people planning home improvements—and achieve a solid 3x increase in sales performance.1

increase in sales performance
Their goal

Increasing sales online and in-store

Floor & Decor combines a superstore selection and showroom quality with warehouse prices. The leading specialty retailer of hard-surface flooring offers a broad, in-stock selection of tile, wood, stone, related tools and flooring accessories. Founded in 2000, Floor & Decor is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They serve both homeowners and professional contractors.

The retailer wanted to increase footfall and sales in their nationwide network of stores, and drive purchases online.

Andrea Striebel, Senior Director of Customer & Digital Marketing
Floor & Decor
For Pinners, Shopping Ads make the journey from planning to purchasing much easier. For advertisers, Shopping Ads make it a snap to create a large volume of Pins that both inspire potential customers and directly drive conversions.
Their solution

Simplifying Pin creation with Shopping Ads

Floor & Decor looked to Pinterest to achieve their goals because of people’s mindset when using the platform. Many people aren’t just looking for inspirational content and dreaming about “someday.” They’re often in serious planning mode, which can lead to purchases.

That’s why Floor & Decor uses Shopping Ads. These Product Pins have a special price tag icon and pull in real-time information from advertisers’ online catalogs: photo, product description, availability and pricing. If people want to learn more or buy, they can click through to advertisers’ websites.

Shopping Ads also enable Floor & Decor to get all of its flooring products onto Pinterest quickly and easily. The team uploaded their product catalog, and chose to have Pins automatically created for every item.

To reach their audience of people planning home improvements, they use search and keyword targeting.

Their results

3x performance

Launching their campaign in September 2018, Floor & Decor has continued to polish and improve their strategy.

Since then, Floor & Decor has taken a test-and-learn approach, refining their targeting strategy as they learned what works best. As a result, they have improved the campaign’s sales performance by 3x in 9 months. 

Advertiser tips
  • After launch, continue refining your strategy based on real-time performance and insights.

  • Be open to testing. For example, we tested both prospecting and retargeting audiences in the beginning across all product categories. We have since narrowed it down to the top-performing campaigns within prospecting, retargeting and specific product categories.

  • Have patience with new products. Work with Pinterest directly to collaboratively determine what levers you can pull to optimize your campaigns efficiently to reach your goals.

  • If you don’t see results right away, consider your audience and what you’re selling. Some shopping journeys take longer. Give it sufficient time.


1Floor & Decor data, 2018