Scotch™ Brand’s Idea ads inspired parents to take a hands-on approach to back-to-school shopping—and saw 64% lower cost per impressions than their benchmark goals.1

Back-to-school season can be stressful. But with a little bit of tape and a can-do attitude, you can piece together a solid plan.

That’s what Scotch™ set out to prove with their new Pinterest campaign. In a series of Idea ads, they showed crafts for how to make supplies like pencil holders, teacher’s gifts and more. Because instead of buying new school supplies, why not make them?


64% lower cost per impression than the Scotch™ Brand’s campaign goal1


4X higher click through rates than the Scotch™ Brand’s average consumer benchmarks1

Creating a campaign that sticks
First, Scotch™ turned to Pinterest Trends to find popular search terms that could inform their creative strategy. They found that terms like “preschooler crafts” and “back-to-school crafts” were commonly searched phrases, so they used those insights to fuel their campaign creative.

From there, Scotch™ created a series of how-to videos on kid-friendly, back-to-school crafts centered on the top searches. All of the videos used Scotch™ Brand Tape to make the supplies, showing just how versatile and helpful the product can be. Scotch™ Brand chose to use the new Idea ads format to take advantage of multi-page, engaging content. Each ad opens with a video on how to make the craft, followed by static slides with additional instructions and product tips. This ensured that viewers were getting a clear, step-by-step tutorial on how to make each craft. The video element also added sound and motion to the ads, making them extra engaging.

Collaborating with a crafty creator
Idea ads can be made in paid partnership with an existing Pinterest creator. The Scotch™ Brand took advantage of this add-on and worked with a creator to make their videos even more engaging and authentic.

Pulling again from Pinterest Trends insights, Scotch™ decided to work with Kailo Chic—a creator already popular for her kid-friendly crafts. Kailo featured in their videos, helping the Scotch™ Brand reach her audience, and helping Kailo reach theirs.

“Working with a Pinterest creator helped us reach our audience organically. And then Pinterest trends helped us unlock emerging insights that we used to make sure our content was actually providing something they wanted—back-to-school crafts.”

Nathan Trimbach, 

Global Social Media Lead, Scotch™ Brand

Sealed with success
The campaign outperformed against Scotch™ Brand’s consumer campaign benchmarks. The cost per impression for the ads was 64% lower than Scotch™ Brand’s awareness goal for this campaign.1 The clickthrough rate also blew past expectations, at 4 times higher than Scotch™ Brand’s average consumer benchmarks.1

Tips for your next campaign

Tell an immersive story with Idea ads. This new format is made to inspire, and includes all the information to turn their vision into a reality.

Use the Pinterest Trends tool to figure out what terms and ideas are trending. This helps you make content that’s really tuned into audience needs.

Make sure the format you choose works well for your specific creative assets. For example, video Pins are good for instructional, how-to content.