Why Pinterest ads work

Create ads by promoting your Pins

Promoted Pins are just like normal Pins, only you pay to have them seen by more people. These ads perform just as well, if not better, than your other Pins, helping people discover and save ideas.

Ads that look and feel natural

More than 75% of Pins saved to Pinterest come from businesses. Promoted Pins don’t interrupt or distract Pinners. They help people find the products and services that are right for them.

A receptive audience

Promoted Pins makes it easier to reach the over 200 million people who come to Pinterest every month ready to act on the ideas they find. Pinterest is a place where sharing your brand’s helpful, actionable ideas can lead to big, measurable results.

Continued performance

When someone saves a Promoted Pin, other people see that Pin in their feeds, which drives additional sales, especially amongst new buyers. Since Pins last forever, your ads continue to engage people and support your goals for years to come. Advertisers receive an average of 20% more (free!) clicks in the month after launching a Promoted Pin campaign.

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Ready to get started?

Any business with access to the Pinterest Ads Manager can take advantage of Promoted Pins. Whether your goal is to build your brand, increase in-store sales, drive online actions or boost traffic, it’s simple to get started today. Learn more about how to promote your Pins.


You can also promote Pins directly from your business profile in as little as 9 seconds! Just click the button on your Pin to give it a try.

Learn more about CPC Promoted Pins

This video covers everything you need to know to get started with cost-per-click Promoted Pins, from setting up your account to choosing keywords and setting a budget.

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