Danish jewellery brand Pilgrim wanted to increase online sales over the Black Friday and Christmas period. Targeting key interests and trending keywords, their Pinterest campaign achieved a 4x higher return on ad spend than other social media platforms.1

Born in 1983, Pilgrim began as two Danes making jewellery and selling it at festivals. From here, the brand grew into an international business with brick-and-mortar shops across Europe. But after the financial crisis of 2008, they decided to focus more on the digital side of the business.

In the lead up to the busy Black Friday and Christmas period, Pilgrim were looking for new ways to drive online sales and wanted to choose a platform aligned with their ethos of authenticity. Pinterest was the natural choice, not least because the user base matched Pilgrim’s target audience of women aged 18-35. Plus: Pinterest’s organic content suited Pilgrim’s style of ads, helping them feel at home on the platform.


higher ROAS than other social media platforms1


lower CPA than other social media platforms1

Latin woman with long dark curly wear wearing silver jewellery and a white tank top against a plain off-white background

Helping Pinners find their favourite
With the aim of increasing online sales, Pilgrim decided to run a conversion-optimised campaign. Working with digital performance agency Obsidian Digital alongside the Pinterest team, they identified what keywords and interests to target, then set about creating the ads themselves.

Pilgrim were careful to design ad creative that fit in well with the organic content on the platform, subtly driving sales without being too ‘salesy’. Leaning into Pinterest as a source of inspiration, ad copy focused on helping their target audience find their favourite items and crafting their own personal style and look.

Using Pinterest’s Shopify plugin, Pilgrim were able to accurately track interactions and sales through their website, so they could tell how the campaign was performing.

“Pinterest has been a great way to increase brand awareness and engagement, drive traffic and boost sales. And with a 4x higher ROAS compared to other platforms, it’s fair to say that it’s a job well done.”

Frederikke Sørensen, B2C Manager, Pilgrim

Driving record sales
The campaign was a smashing success, helping Pilgrim record their highest-ever online sales revenue over the Black Friday and Christmas period. The campaign achieved a 4x higher return on ad spend and an 80% lower cost per acquisition when compared with other social media platforms.1

This performance has shown Pilgrim that Pinterest was a great addition to their digital marketing mix. The platform delivers results while staying true to the brand and effectively communicating with their audience.

Going forward, Pilgrim plan to increase their spend on Pinterest and expand their advertising efforts, with campaigns focusing on new collections and seasonal styles.

White woman with long straight brown hair wearing a black and white spotted top with a frilly collar and a silver watch on her wrist

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Choose ad creative that matches the look and feel of Pinterest’s organic content.

Target interests and industry-specific keywords to reach your audience.

Use Pinterest tools, industry insights and trending keywords to craft your campaign.