Automatic bidding delivered a 4x increase in clicks for exactly the same daily budget.

MADE.COM are making designs on the high-end furniture market, minus the high-end price tags, of course. From cushy chaise longues to statement chandeliers, it’s becoming the place to go for epic, eye-catching pieces that just make you take a step back and say “Wow!”

Aiming to drive cost-effective traffic to their website, MADE.COM decided to run a full-funnel search-only campaign on Pinterest. They knew that for Pinners, the platform is all about inspiration, so they decided to adapt their strategy to Pinterest. Why? Simple. Pinners tend to progress from inspiration to action.

The goal of the campaign was to drive high-volume traffic while reducing CPCs (cost per click) as much as possible, which meant Pinterest’s automatic bidding feature was a perfect finishing touch.


more clicks1


decrease in CPC1

Achieving more with less

MADE.COM’s full-funnel Pinterest solution comprised a couple of different strands, including conversion optimisation and search campaigns. They also used keyword targeting to connect with Pinners who were interested in meeting their makers, so to speak. However, the best was yet to come.

Because advertiser demand is so volatile, fluctuations in the cost of clicks can be a serious issue. Enter: automatic bidding. Used as a supplement to their full-funnel search strategy, MADE.COM implemented automatic bidding to take advantage of cheaper auctions, which helped slash their CPCs. Plus, it meant that they didn’t need to spend so much of their time managing bids, allowing the team to focus on other areas of the campaign, like creative. Bottom line: MADE.COM were making real material gains for less effort and at a lower cost.

“Automated bidding is the latest innovation in our close partnership with the team at Pinterest that has continued our success in efficiently bringing new customers into the experience.”

Matt Pollington
Director, Marketing Performance,

A match made in heaven

Putting their campaign on autopilot was a massive success for MADE.COM. Automatic bids helped to drive an 80% decrease in their CPCs across three major markets: the UK, France, and Germany. Plus, the online design brand got 4x more clicks for the same cost, proving that Pinterest and full-funnel campaigns are a match made in heaven. MADE.COM are so excited about automatic bids, they’re working closely with Pinterest on the development of the “oCPM Automatic Bidding” beta.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Try automatic bidding. You can get more clicks for the same cost, helping to reduce your campaign budget.

Maximise the impact of your full-funnel campaign by making sure that your creative is aligned with your keywords.

When you’re using automatic bids, don’t worry too much about cost fluctuations, particularly when you’re just starting out.

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