Aiming to promote Nutella as a perfect topping choice for Pancake Day, the brand used a combination of video ads, static ads and targeting to drive brand awareness and memorability, outperforming their reach benchmark by 98%.1

Tickling taste buds since 1964, Nutella is the hazelnut cocoa spread that people love. With Pancake Day coming up, Nutella wanted to promote their spread as the perfect addition to people’s pancakes. Whether it was French crêpes or fluffy, US-style pancakes, they would taste great when topped with a delicious touch of Nutella.

Since 5.5 million UK Pinners engage with food and drink content,2 Nutella decided that the platform was perfect for their campaign. Moreover, Pinterest’s targeting capabilities enabled the brand to target parents and families. Since lots of Pinners come to the platform with purchase intent, the brand knew that a Pinterest campaign could help to drive brand awareness and sales.

Hoping to generate interest in the brand around Pancake Day and discover whether aligning with a Pinterest moment helps to deliver brand memorability, Nutella launched their campaign.

Key stats:


view rate3


reach vs. campaign benchmark3

Working alongside their media agency, Starcom, and creative agency TMW Unlimited, they produced a selection of video ads and static ads showcasing tasty pancake recipes topped with a delicious touch of Nutella. Aiming to drive awareness in the run up to Pancake Day, Nutella focused their campaign on parents via keyword and interest targeting. They also sought to leverage the planning/discovery mindset of Pinners and reach an audience searching for inspiration for delicious, spreadable pancake recipes.

“The campaign’s key objective was to generate awareness of Nutella for one of our key moments of the year. With some great creatives, the campaign delivered ahead of expectations against all metrics, also generating traffic to our website.”

Giulia Carlozzo GBR, Senior Brand Manager

Boosting the brand
According to third-party measurement data from Kantar Millward Brown, the campaign generated +3.1%4 memorability for Nutella. Plus, the top performing audience segment was parents, with the brand resonating most strongly with 25-49 year-old Pinners and women. Other key results for Nutella included a nutty 64% view rate, while the campaign also beat the reach benchmark by a staggering 98%.

In short, Nutella’s Pinterest campaign successfully drove brand memorability, and highlighted Pinterest as an excellent destination to inspire parents.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Drive memorability among Pinners with prominent branding and short video ads.

Activate your campaign early to take full advantage of the planning mindset of many Pinners.

Make sure you’re including branded elements from the very start of your video ad to boost awareness and hook viewers into your creative message.


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