Video ads supported by keyword targeting achieve a 37%1 completion rate, over 20% higher than campaign performance benchmarks.

Skittles understands the importance of rainbows. But some rainbows are more important than others. That’s why this well-loved confectionary company wanted to team up with Gay Times to create eye-catching creative to help keep people connected, even when we’re apart, and show its support for Pride.

At the moment, Pinterest is seeing high search volumes for milestone moments and LGBTQ themes like “transgender transition” and “LGBTQ coming out stories.” Not only that, but lockdown has seen a marked rise in Pinterest searches for topics like “LGBT pride quotes” (x8), “rainbow nail art” (+55%), and “bi pride tattoo” (+30%).2

As such, Pinterest was the perfect platform to support the campaign.


completion rates vs. 16.6% benchmarks


CPVs vs. £0.015 benchmarks engagement rate3

Chasing rainbows
Skittles created several video ads highlighting different ways that it was supporting LGBTQ-related issues during the pandemic. For example, video assets showcased the brand’s support for Switchboard (a confidential listening service for LGBTQ communities), while also announcing that Skittles was giving up their signature rainbow for Pride month, as a show of solidarity.

To support the brand’s video ads, Skittles used keyword targeting focused around terms like “rainbow makeup,” “celebration ideas,” and “love is love quotes.” They also tried to target Pinners who were searching for generic food and drinks topics on the platform.

“Record completion rates and the most efficient CPV of the campaign ensured our message reached our audience, enabling us to celebrate Pride and offer advice via the Switchboard from home.”

Jo Freeborough, Senior Brand Manager, Fruity Confectionery

Love wins
Demonstrating that on Pinterest, love wins, Skittles enjoyed tremendous success with their campaign. The brand saw video completion rates of 37% vs. benchmarks of 16.6%, representing a +20.4% shift. Plus, Skittles achieved CPVs (cost-per-view) of £0.011 in comparison to benchmarks of £0.015, a cost-saving reduction of £0.004.

Bottom line: informed by Pinterest’s high search volumes for LGBTQ-related topics, video ads supported by keyword targeting helped Skittles cement themselves as an ally and supporter of Pride month.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your video ads:

To ensure that your brand’s ads stand out in Pinners’ feeds, make sure your creative is as eye-catching as possible.

As a platform, Pinterest is all about positive vibes, as evidenced by the strong performance of keywords like “love wins” and “rainbow makeup.”

Broad targeting can provide your campaign with extensive reach, while optimisation can help you home in on your target audience.


2021 Skittles data


2021 Skittles data


2021 Skittles data

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