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Pinterest is the most popular platform for shopping and product discovery. That makes it a great place to run sales campaigns, for both online and offline sales growth.

Any business can set up campaigns to drive online sales for a website, or offline sales for physical shops. You can also run Shopping Ads, which pull directly from a product catalogue to create actionable ads, at scale.

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Creative tips

We studied Pins across 25 attributes to figure out what works. Here are some tips for driving sales on Pinterest:

Online sales1

Align your content to seasonal or special moments
Make your ads more relevant by showing seasonal content or highlighting life moments. In our research, Pins with content about these types of moments had a 22% higher online sales lift.

Make your text overlay actionable  
Text overlay helps people decide whether or not to click on your Pins. Keep text clear, with a strong call to action. Pins with calls to action in the overlay drove 6% higher sales lift. 

Create consistency between Pins and their landing pages
It should feel like a continuous experience when people click from your Pin to its landing page. Consistency improves performance: In our analysis, Pins that went to landing pages with similar imagery had a 13% higher online sales lift. 

Use description copy to add details
Your Pin description is the perfect place to give potential customers additional information. In our study, Pins with pricing details in the description field drove 28% higher online sales.   


Offline sales2

Help people visualise your product in their lives 
Action-packed images help people decide if your Pin is right for them. Pins that showed someone using a product or service were 67% more likely to drive offline sales lift.

Make your product prominent
Put your product front and centre in your Pins. Based on our research, campaigns with clear product placement were 20% more likely to drive offline sales lift. 

Grow sales with Pinterest
Success stories

Gardener’s Supply Company

“Compared to Facebook, where we’ve allocated more resources over a longer period of time, Pinterest has surged dramatically ahead with 5x more sales.”


The interiors retailer saw a 6x increase in traffic over 12 months

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2. ODC, Creative best practices analysis, May 2018

All performance metrics cited on this page come from our studies with third-party measurement partners. The insights represent specific study results and are not performance guarantees.