Generation Inspired

Every marketer is talking about Generation Z. Or as we like to call them at Pinterest, Generation Inspired. They’re the creators of culture, the movers and shakers, the generation that shops based on values, not fads. We know that half of Gen Zs are on Pinterest every month in the UK, but we wanted to hear why.1 What makes them tick. And what gives them the ick. So, we simply… asked. We travelled around the UK to speak to Gen Zs and find out why they feel like shopping on Pinterest is different.

Get to know the UK's Generation Inspired

Inspiration is different on Pinterest—it drives purchase decisions. In fact, 9 in 10 Gen Zs use the platform for inspiration during the purchase journey in the UK.1 See where your brand could fit in.

From inspiration to realisation

Pinterest helps people find and buy the perfect thing—even before they can describe it. Hear why 3 in 4 Gen Zs on Pinterest in the UK use the platform to make final decisions in their purchase journey.1

Shopping based on values, not fads

60% of people on Pinterest in the UK say they would pay more for an eco-friendly product. That’s 20% more than people on other platforms.2 Hear what Gen Z says about values-led shopping.

Super shoppers. Standout results.

Shoppers on Pinterest spend 40% more per month than people on other platforms.3 Use catalogues and Shopping Ads to reach people who are ready to buy.

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