Pinterest ad formats

Bring your brand story to life

With Pinterest’s innovative ad formats, you can help Pinners find useful, everyday ideas while building branding equity in the process.

Promoted Pins

You can pay to promote any Pin you create so it’s seen by more people. Any business with access to the Pinterest Ads Manager can buy this standard ad format to support marketing goals like awareness, engagement and traffic.

Promoted Video Pins

Promoted Video Pins help you catch people's attention while they're browsing or searching on Pinterest. Great videos inspire people to try new things, and engage their imagination. 

One-tap Promoted Pins

One-tap Promoted Pins get people to your website faster. Most Pins require two taps for click-throughs: the first tap gives Pinners a close-up view, and the second tap takes them to the source content. One-tap Promoted Pins remove the close-up step. That means people go directly to your website with their first tap on the Pin. The one-tap format makes it easier for people to learn more about your brand, explore your ideas and complete purchases on your site.  

Promoted App Pins

Promoted App Pins make it easy for people to discover and download apps, directly from Pinterest. When someone clicks on a Promoted App Pin, they can download their new app without having to leave Pinterest. 

Ready to get started?

Any business with access to the Pinterest Ads Manager can take advantage of Promoted Pins. Whether your goal is to build your brand, increase in-store sales, drive online actions or boost traffic, it’s simple to get started today. Learn more about how to promote your Pins, or visit Pinterest Ads Manager to get started today.