Get conversions

Cue the action

You know what you want people to do on your site. Conversion campaigns help make it happen.

When you run conversion campaigns on Pinterest, we optimise your bids to help achieve your goals. This means that you'll spend less time managing your campaigns. Just pick a goal and tell us your target cost per action. From there, conversion optimisation will work behind the scenes to help you reach the right people, at the right price.

Goal and get 'em

Conversion campaigns support performance goals like increased sign-ups, better leads or more checkouts on your site. They’re all about efficiency, so they’re easy to set up and manage. To start, we’ll ask you to identify the most important action that you want people to take after seeing your ad. This helps us to show your ad to the people that we think are more likely to act.

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Tips to make your conversions climb

You can use multiple ad formats to support conversion objectives. Whether you choose standard Promoted Pins, Promoted Videos or Carousels, you’ll be able to highlight a clear call to action and a compelling landing page.

Here are some best practices for your next campaign: 

  1. Clearly show your product, offer or brand benefits in your image or video.  

  2. Make sure that your landing page is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. Once someone lands on your site, it should be simple for them to take action.

  3. Create consistency between your ads and your landing pages. It should feel like a cohesive experience when someone goes from your ad to your site.

  4. Keep your initial targeting as broad as your business allows. For conversions, the targeting that you pick in Ads Manager is just a starting point. Leaving things broad upfront gives our tools more wiggle room to do their magic.

Getting started

You’ll need the Pinterest Tag on your site to run conversion campaigns. The Tag helps track actions that people take after seeing your ads on Pinterest. You can choose from a range of supported events, like leads, sign-ups, add-to-baskets and checkouts. If you need help implementing your Tag, please visit our Help Centre.

Pinterest ads are available to business accounts in specific countries. Please refer to our Help Centre for more information.

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