Cannes recap: Pinterest resources for you and your team

24 June 2022

That’s a wrap on Cannes Lions 2022! Whether you were on the Croisette or not, Cannes probably felt like a lot. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Here are the top takeaways from Pinterest, starting with this refreshing aperitif of a video:

Idea ads launched in Cannes

Exclusively launched at Cannes Lions, Idea ads are a brand new, highly effective ad format on Pinterest. In fact, campaigns that feature Idea ads see 56% higher brand awareness and 59% higher brand recall vs. those that don’t.1 That’s because Idea ads take your customer from inspiration to realisation with simple, step-by-step guides using imagery and video. 

Takeaway for your team: Create an Idea ad today and start seeing what step-by-step storytelling can do for your brand.

Big spenders are bigger gifters

Shoppers on Pinterest spend 40% more per month than people on other platforms.2 And gifting is one of the top reasons they shop on Pinterest—9 out of 10 people use it for gift-giving ideas.3 But gifters on Pinterest do something special; they get specific about relationships, age, gender, career, and holidays. For example, “grandpa father’s day gifts from kids” is a top search.3 The Gifting Gallery on the Pinterest beach celebrated these unique gifting behaviours. 

Takeaway for your team: As we head toward gifting season, upload your catalogue to make sure people can find you on Pinterest. 

See the future from the beach

Did you know searches for ocean nails are up 5x vs. last year? Or that “friendship tattoos for guys” are up 4x?4 If you came to the Pinterest beach in Cannes, you did! From micro tattoos to bejewelled ponytails, statement nailscapes to fitness that’s fun, all of our experiences were based on trends from the future. Pinterest trends are uniquely predictive—in fact our annual not-yet-trending report has called 80% of trends correctly for two years running.4

Takeaway for your team: Explore our 2022 not-yet-trending report and sign up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss the next one! 

Try something new

If there’s one thing we learned at Cannes Lions this year, it’s this: After three years away, people are ready for a change. They’re ready for a more inspiring, positive place online. They’re ready for an internet that improves life—rather than consuming it. Of all of the experiences on the Pinterest beach, you know what had the longest lines? Tattoos. People want to take risks and try something new…including some people we know pretty well at Pinterest.

Enough with the don’ts. Watch our Chief Marketing Officer get a new ‘do: 

Chief Content Officer Malik Ducard keeps up with his kids with new kicks:

Chief Revenue Officer Bill Watkins really nailed it, don’t you think? 

So, there you have it. The biggest news from Pinterest in Cannes. We’ll see you next year.