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Pinterest helps you reach people while they are deciding what to buy or do next. Get your message in front of the right people and help them make confident decisions.

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Creative tips

Follow these data-backed tips to get your awareness campaigns set up for success:1

Align your content to seasonal or special moments
Showing seasonal moments or special occasions makes your creative feel relevant and relatable. Based on our findings, Pins that referenced these topics drove 10x higher aided awareness.

Emphasise unique features
Make sure to tell people when you have something special to share. For example, Pins with 'new' in the text overlay drove 9x higher aided awareness.

Use the Pin description to add context and reinforce branding
The description field helps you provide more context and detail. It also helps to put the most important info first. Based on our research, Pins with a brand name in the first line of the description field drove 2x higher awareness.

Chart awareness – Pinterest
Success stories


96% increased awareness


25% increase in purchase intent


30% increase in branded searches on Pinterest. 

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1. Millward Brown, Creative meta analysis, May 2018

All performance metrics cited on this page come from our studies with third-party measurement partners. The insights represent specific study results and are not performance guarantees.