A quick way to promote your Pins

There’s an easy way to create Promoted Pins directly from your profile. You can create campaigns that drive traffic to your website in as little as 10 seconds.

Pick a Pin to promote
Quick Promote menu

Choose a Pin to promote from your profile and click the Promote button. Find a Pin that’s already getting good engagement, then promote it so more people see it and you get more clicks to your site.

Update your Pin info
Quick Promote on Pinterest

We’ll create a campaign name for your Promoted Pin using the Pin description you provide. If you need to make updates to your campaign in the future, you can find it easily in Ads Manager by searching for the campaign name.

Every Pin should link to a website. Before you promote it, make sure the destination URL for your Pin links to the page you want to drive traffic to. You can include your own tracking parameters to help you gauge the impact of your Pin.

Add a daily budget

The daily budget is the most you’re willing to pay each day your ad is running.

Decide how long to run your campaign for

Set your campaign duration to indicate how long you want your campaign to run for, or run your campaign continuously. You’ll never spend more than your daily budget.

Add keywords for targeting

Keywords help us show your Promoted Pin in relevant search results, and the category and related Pin feeds. Make sure you include keywords that make sense for your Pin.

The price you pay per keyword depends on how many other people are targeting that keyword and what they're bidding.

Promote your Pin

Click Continue to create your ad. It will go out for review, which can take up to 1 business day to complete.

You can visit Ads Manager at any time to make any updates or edits to your Promoted Pin campaigns.

Tip: if it’s your first time creating an ad, you’ll also be prompted to set up your billing information.