Pinterest Predicts: The 2022 trends that your audience will love

7 December 2021Andréa Mallard

Think you know what makes a trendsetter? Think again. In the round-up that we dropped today, you’ll find 35 trends that we predict will rise in 2022. But the real scoop is the demographics driving them. Spoiler alert: they’re not who you might expect. Want to know who’s behind our predictions for the year ahead? Read on, trendseeker. 

This year’s Pinterest Predicts not-yet-trending report has just dropped. The trends we've predicted for 2022 are meant to feel surprising—Altbashes, anyone?—but what’s even more unexpected are the people behind them. 

Turns out, it’s not just children having all the fun. Boomers are finding their inner child. Millennials are baking divorce cakes. And Gen Z? They’re seeking out so much more than an aesthetic. 

So prepare to be surprised by this year’s audience findings: our Pinterest Predicts trends are being driven by people of all ages. Read on for a demographic-driven read of our annual report—then dive into the full list of our 175+ predictions.1

Collage of diverse couples. Asian couple hugging each other. Two entangled wedding bands in the center. Older white man holds a bouquet of roses. Interracial queer couple kissing on the cheek. Black twins connected by entangled hoop earrings.

Gen Z will revolt 

These rebels with a cause are rising above the endless hustle. Gen Z is pushing the Higher frequency trend forwards, focusing on good vibrations and spiritual awakenings. They’re also behind the rising trend of permanent embellishments that we explore in Be jewelled. And Gen Z is leading the trend towards pandemic break-up hair, embracing Rebel cuts such as octopus hair and mullets

Millennials will rethink 

Millennials are finding ways to elevate the everyday. In 2022, they’re driving the trend towards Limitless luxe and squeezing a little more luxury into every corner of their houses. They’re the generation most ahead of the trend towards Biophilic design, plant-first architecture. And all those healthy plant walls are a good reason to host a party, so millennials are spearheading the Altbashes trend—celebrations of the undercelebrated.

Gen X will (finally?) find balance

In 2022, Gen X is all about work/life balance. On one hand, they’re behind the Store décor trend, focused on creating bricks-and-mortar experiences. But they’ll also try all-inclusive holiday ideas that require minimal effort and zero planning—they’re driving The last resort trend. Can’t travel? The Gen X-er in your life will whip up Ancestral eats: comforting classics based on traditional recipes. 

Boomers will find their inner child

Boomers are taking up hobbies to keep themselves young at heart. They’re making time for Kidding around and setting time aside for playful pastimes such as indoor swings, useful crafts and fairy bedroom ideas. They’re at the forefront of the Barkitecture trend to redesign their homes with their pets in mind. In 2022, they’ll be the generation most ready to Batter up—bring on a fearless bake! 

They’ll be looking for you. 

Pinterest loves a good prediction. In fact, 8 out of 10 of the trends that we called for 2021 continue to climb.2 In other words, we expect our latest crop of 2022 trends to be really big, really soon. 

Everyone—of all ages—is ready to make major changes in 2022. And they need your help to go from inspiration to realisation. Take advantage of our predictions as soon as they drop to get ahead of the trends before they take off—and the tidal wave of growth that’s to follow.