Pinterest and LiveRamp pilot a new clean room solution with Albertsons Media Collective

January 5, 2023Bill Watkins

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The digital advertising industry has relied on cookies as a measurement tool for years. But as consumer behavior evolves, marketers have to evolve with it. So as the industry migrates away from collecting third-party cookies, we’re looking for new ways to sustain our clients' success while reducing reliance on identifiable data.

We’ve routinely invested in forward-looking solutions that help marketers connect the dots between their first-party data, and their customers’ actions on Pinterest. Now, we’re piloting our next big development for secure data solutions. 

Today, we’re announcing a new partnership with LiveRamp to pilot clean rooms for select advertising partners. Grocery retailer Albertsons will be our first advertiser using this new solution, to support the Albertsons Media Collective.  

Secure environment, successful measurement 
Pinterest's integration with LiveRamp provides a protected, third-party space where brands like Albertsons can join their first-party data and Pinterest platform data in a secure environment. The clean room keeps data private, and provides aggregated insight into ad performance. Because the neutral clean room environment offers advanced privacy controls, neither party’s personally identifiable sales and campaign data is visible to the other party. 

This Pinterest and Albertsons collaboration will be an ongoing initiative to deliver closed-loop reporting for brands that participate in the Albertsons Media Collective, their retail media network (RMN). To start, the team is launching a winter healthy eating campaign, measuring crucial metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS).  

"Data privacy is a priority for Albertsons Media Collective and we’re excited to pilot this new clean room initiative with a trusted partner. We believe using clean rooms can provide our clients with the data they expect to make informed decisions about their advertising in a privacy-preserving manner. While our initial test pilot focuses on enabling closed-loop measurement, this partnership will ultimately provide our team a more holistic view of our customers’ digital footprint to unlock more advanced measurement capabilities, like incrementality and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), down the road."

— Kristi Argyilan, SVP Retail Media, Albertsons Media Collective

Collaborating with retail media networks    
We’re starting by partnering with retail media networks (RMNs), who often need custom options to report campaign effectiveness on a granular, brand-by-brand basis. Since 2018, we’ve been continuously building our RMN partnerships, working with many of the industry’s largest RMNs to help brands tailor their ads to shoppers on Pinterest.  

Prioritizing privacy  
We believe that clean rooms build on our approach to ad privacy, balancing the need to protect Pinner privacy while helping to ensure advertiser effectiveness. LiveRamp’s data collaboration environment offers additional, configurable privacy controls - such as aggregation thresholds - where both parties can further limit how their data can be accessed, joined, queried or shared. 

"It's an exciting opportunity to meet both the strict privacy requirements of media owners like Pinterest and the advanced analytics needs of retailers like Albertsons. LiveRamp’s interoperable data collaboration technology allows us to do just that by maximizing data utility without compromise. We look forward to continued innovation with thought leaders such as Pinterest and Albertsons to support the future of privacy-safe data collaboration and measurement."

— Kimberly Bloomston, SVP of Product, LiveRamp

Taking on secure solutions, together
We're planning to continue testing clean rooms with additional partners soon. Reach out to your Pinterest rep to learn more about early access opportunities.