Launching today: A new Pinterest e-learning platform

February 13, 2023Stacy Malone

Study up on Pinterest, right from the source. Starting today, you can take comprehensive, focused courses about all-things Pinterest on our new e-learning platform. Learn everything you need to make your campaigns best-in-class, all in one place.

When life gets busy, it’s hard to prioritize professional development. Especially when so many learning programs are, frankly, a snooze.

Luckily, there’s no rule that learning has to be a slog. Our new e-learning platform is anything but boring. It’s engaging, interactive and—we like to think—even enjoyable.

Introducing Pinterest Academy 

Today, we’re launching Pinterest Academy, a new and improved e-learning platform to help you succeed on Pinterest. Courses cover everything you need to run standout campaigns, giving you best-in-class Pinterest skills—and a competitive edge. 

Whether you’re new to Pinterest ads or looking to boost your expertise, Pinterest Academy has it covered. From basics like ‘Why Pinterest?’ to modules like “Measurement solutions,” you’ll find instructions and tips for every step of the campaign process. 

Your target audience comes to Pinterest with intent to get something done. With Pinterest Academy, you’ll learn how to reach people at the right time with the right ad.

A whole new program, designed for you 

No… you’re not having deja vu. This is technically a relaunch. We launched our first version of Pinterest Academy back in 2019. Based on feedback from partners like you, we decided to redesign the platform and content to provide a comprehensive, more intuitive learning experience. 

In the new platform, you’ll find a totally fresh curriculum and enhanced content, with richer examples and engaging visuals. There are also twice as many courses as we had before, giving you more opportunities to master Pinterest skills. 

Learn smarter, not harder 

At launch, you’ll find over 14 courses, made up of more than 30 snackable lessons. Some courses cover foundational knowledge, like Pinterest ad formats or on-platform measurement tools. Others dig deep into specialty subjects, like how to use Pinterest trends to your advantage. 

Courses are concise, but comprehensive. Most are designed to take no more than 15 minutes to complete. But don’t mistake brevity for a lack of substance. You'll find all you need to succeed, including illustrative examples and helpful case studies.

Show off your skills

All Pinterest Academy courses feature learning checks and quizzes to make sure you're grasping the information. You can also earn a digital badge if you take all 10 courses in the Pinterest Advertising Essentials learning path. This path includes the most important information to build effective campaigns on Pinterest. Once you achieve an 80% pass rate in this specific path, you'll get a digital badge that you can post on platforms like LinkedIn or share directly with your network.

A simplified version of the Pinterest Academy course screen titled “Course 1: Why Pinterest” with 6 text bubbles stacked along the left-side, all featuring different lessons from the course.

Everything you need to run standout campaigns.

A plum-colored celebratory badge featuring the text "Advertising Essentials" and the Pinterest logo.

Earn your Pinterest Advertising Essentials badge.

Get started today

Pinterest Academy courses are now available globally, in English. Localized versions will launch later this year in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Whether you’re an ads industry newcomer or seasoned account manager, Pinterest Academy has a course to help you do your job better. Start your learning journey today.